University of Utah Football V. Cal

University of Utah Football Game Service Date posted: October 26, 2012

Large crowds are expected to utilize the system Saturday, Oct. 27, as fans travel to attend the University of Utah vs. Cal football game. The game starts at 7:45 p.m. To meet demand, UTA will provide additional service and extend its hours.

TRAX Service

Starting just over two hours prior to kick-off, additional event trains will be added into regular service. The trains will depart Fashion Place Station (6400 So.) and travel to Stadium Station.

The additional service will result in trains departing from Fashion Place Station every 10 min from 5:38 p.m. to 7:18 p.m.

All Red Line trains will travel on their regular schedule and run directly to the University. Blue Line trains will run on their regular schedule and passengers will need to transfer to a Red Line or event train between Fashion Place West and Courthouse (500 South) stations. Green Line trains will also run on their regular schedule and will require a transfer between Central Pointe (2100 South) and Courthouse stations. We recommend transferring prior to Courthouse Station to avoid overcrowding on that platform.

Post game, TRAX trains will provide direct service to Daybreak Parkway and Sandy Civic Center stations. Trains will be identified with “Daybreak” or “Sandy” in the header. The last train to depart Stadium will leave 30 minutes after the end of the game. The last Green Line train to West Valley will depart Central Pointe 60 minutes after the end of the game.


FrontRunner will operate on its regular schedule, with one additional train following the game if needed.

FrontRunner passengers traveling to the game may board any TRAX train leaving Salt Lake Central Station and transfer at Courthouse Station or take a direct shuttle bus to the stadium.

The last northbound trip to Ogden will depart Salt Lake Central Station 90 minutes after the end of the game.

Bus Service

Extra buses will operate between Salt Lake Central and Stadium Station before and after the game – the buses will follow route 2 to 1100 East and then deviate to 400 South University Street to serve Rice Eccles Stadium. The buses will depart from the north end of Salt Lake Central Station.

The extra buses will also run for one hour following the game.

Paying Your Fare

For customers looking to purchase wristbands are $4.70 round-trip. In addition, wristbands will be sold three hours prior to the game at Library, Trolley and the 900 East. TRAX stations and then again after the game at Stadium Station.

Passengers may also choose to purchase one-way or round-trip fares at any of the TRAX stations, or when they board the bus. Round-trip TRAX tickets will be accepted on Route 2 for two hours before and after the game.

Another option is the group pass – $14 for up to four riders round-trip during regular service hours. The group pass is good on TRAX, bus and FrontRunner.

Travel Tips

  • Purchase your fare in advance.
  • Before you cross railroad tracks or enter a TRAX or FrontRunner platform:
    • always watch for trains—look both ways
    • take off your head phones
    • put  your cell phone down—no texting or phone calls
    • hop off your bike or skateboard
    • hold smaller children’s hands
    • walk across the tracks or onto the platform when it is safe
    • never cross between train cars—always walk around to a designated safe crossing
  • Always stand away from the yellow tactile strip when trains approach the platform.
  • Never walk or play on tracks or the rail corridor; even for short cuts.  It could be deadly and is trespassing, punishable by a $100 or greater fine.
  • Never go around a lowered gate or try to outrun a train.  Just wait for the train to pass, the gates to lift and lights to stop before crossing the track.
  • Never throw things at the train or place things on the track; you could get hurt or even derail the train.

2 thoughts on “University of Utah Football V. Cal

  1. Thanks for the shuttle bus from Salt Lake Central to the football stadium! That has been a very nice feature for those of us coming by FrontRunner from Davis County.

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