UTA Offering Summer Shuttle Service from FrontRunner to Lagoon

Lagoon Date posted: June 14, 2013

Attention thrill-seekers, sunbathers and funnel cake lovers. UTA is now offering weekday and Saturday shuttle service from FrontRunner to Lagoon, making it easy to enjoy the parkÔÇÖs attractions without fighting traffic or paying to park.

Route 667 connects riders at Farmington FrontRunner station with Lagoon. The shuttles run every 30 minutes from 8:05 a.m. until 11:15 p.m. on weekdays and 12:20 a.m. on weekends. The shuttle, along with all UTA services, is closed on July 4. The shuttle will operate on July 24. The Lagoon shuttle also connects to bus route 455 at the Farmington Station and State and Main stops.

Please note that FrontRunner and route 667 are closed on Sundays. Route 455 operates Monday through Friday.

Lagoon is just one of the Wasatch Front amusement and water parks that are easily accessible from public transportation. Here are a few of our favorites that can be reached by UTA.

Cherry Hill


1325 South Main Street, Kaysville

Accessible by bus route 470

Cowabunga Bay


12047 S. State Street, Draper 84020

Accessible by bus routes 201, 811

Seven Peaks Salt Lake City


1200 W. 1700 South, Salt Lake City

Accessible by bus route 509

Seven Peaks Provo


1330 E. 300 North, Provo

Accessible by bus routes 831 and 832

Seven Peaks Fun Center Lehi


1320 North 300 West, Lehi

Accessible by bus route 811

Seven Peaks Fun Center Orem


168 S. 1200 West, Orem

Accessible by bus route 862

70 thoughts on “UTA Offering Summer Shuttle Service from FrontRunner to Lagoon

    1. Hi Kelsey, you can also connect to the Lagoon shuttle (route 667) from bus routes 455 and 470. On Sundays when FrontRunner doesn’t operate, you can take the 470 right to Lagoon.

  1. How often does the shuttle go from the Farmington station to Lagoon? (like is it every half hour, hour, etc?)

  2. Me and my friends are going to 7 peaks in provo from the provo uta station. Does the bus go all the way to 7 peaks or how close does it go?

    1. Hi Carson, the 822 and 832 run within a few blocks of the Provo Seven Peaks. You’ll want to walk east on Center Street and then turn left (North) onto Seven Parks Blvd.

  3. does sunday service for frontrunner run to Lagoon?? if so, how would I get there from salt lake greyhound station??

    1. Hi Aaron, your best bet is probably to take the TRAX Red Line to FrontRunner, ride FrontRunner up to Farmington Station and then transfer to the Lagoon shuttle. You can plan your trip right from your house to Lagoon using our trip planner: http://www.rideuta.com/mc/?page=TripPlanner, or call 801-RIDE-UTA for trip planning assistance!

  4. I know there is a shuttle from the frontrunner station to lagoon, but is there a shuttle from lagoon back over to the frontrunner station?

    1. Hi Chelsee, you can get there via route 667. We have Saturday service right now, but weekday service will start on June 5.

  5. UTA Team, Do we have 667 Saturday bus shuttle from farmington station to lagoon park this April 2015? Appreciate your help on this

  6. Are you doing shuttles again this year?(2015) If so, when do the shuttles from front runner to lagoon begin service?

  7. I wish you would consider starting the shuttle a little earlier. Many schools go to Lagoon during the last few weeks of May and this would prevent students from having to navigate the freeway on their own (for us – all the way from Utah County), before they are ready.

    1. Hi Rosendo, the shuttle is $2.50 each way, but your FrontRunner fare includes a two-hour transfer. If you purchase a FrontRunner ticket, you will not need to purchase bus fare to Lagoon. If you purchase bus fare from Lagoon, you can subtract the $2.50 from your FrontRunner fare when you purchase your ticket.

  8. I want to go from Sandy to Lagoon using public transportation. Should I get on trax, then transfer to frontrunner at the blue line end, then take the shuttle from farmington to Lagoon. And if I want to be there by 10 a.m., when should I leave Sandy.

  9. Is the shuttle open on June 4th? Because I’m going with some friends for our school lagoon day and since lagoon is being rented out for the schools would it still be open?

  10. Hi I need parent help, ive never take trax to Farmington. So if the kids ride the trax to Farmington they catch BUS to lagoon from trax, is that right? . the school buses were full for the school event and they need to take trax in the morning to get there from sandy off 90th. This is for thursday the 4th. Will it be running then?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Katie, it will be $4.90 each way. Your FrontRunner ticket includes a free two-hour transfer, so you can ride the shuttle for free after you leave the train. The easiest option will be to buy a round-trip FrontRunner ticket, and your bus fare will automatically be included.

    1. Hi Kallie, we have a two-hour free transfer window, so if you’re riding FrontRunner, your bus fare will be included.

      1. Hi Ashton, there’s a two-hour free transfer window for buses and trains. I’d encourage you to buy a round-trip FrontRunner ticket or use your FAREPAY card. FAREPAY automatically calculates the transfers. If you buy a ticket, just show it to the bus operator.

    1. Yes, buses are $2.50 each way, but if you ride FrontRunner you can transfer free for two hours. I’d recommend buying a round-trip FrontRunner ticket. Be sure to show the ticket to your bus operator.

  11. Hi, if i were to get on the trax station from lehi what stop would I need to get off in salt lake to get to the seven peaks water park. Then after I get off the train what bus do I take to what stop to get their without having to take a taxi?

  12. My friends and I are trying to get to Lagoon on Frontrunner on Saturday what time does the Frontrunner stop running and how far away is the station from Lagoon, is it in walking distance?

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