Today, UTA President & CEO Jerry Benson announced UTA’s Community Service Standards. These standards are comprised of 15 metrics designed to show riders and taxpayers how we are responsibly using funds to provide safe, efficient and reliable public transportation and working to improve air quality and access to opportunity for residents along the Wasatch Front.

UTA President/CEO Jerry Benson said the metrics provide the public with a “report card” that they can use to gauge UTA’s performance.

“There’s been a lot of effort to create an easy-to-access and easy-to-use public website,” Benson said. “This is intended to be a quick reference tool to show the public how we’re doing.”

The Community Service Standards reflect UTA commitment to increase transparency and accountability, as well as support the agency’s focus on service, people and stewardship. We know our customers value reliability, safety, vehicle maintenance, customer service and eco-friendly practices. The community also wants to see that UTA is improving its outreach to riders and the public and making efficient use of taxpayer funds. This new online tool is designed to allow the public to quickly see the goals UTA has set in each area, how we’re doing and where we’re trying to improve.

“Some of these goals are aspirational, and may not be easy for us to achieve,” said UTA Director of Planning Laura Hansen. “However, we have an ethic of continuous improvement here at UTA.  We take the requests from our riders to heart and are always engaged in finding ways to do our work better.”

 UTA’s Customer Service Standards Include:

  • Distance in miles between bus service interruptions
  • Number of avoidable accidents
  • On-time departures
  • Customer service issues resolved in a single call
  • The average amount of time needed to resolve a customer service issue
  • Pollution savings
  • UTA facility energy use
  • Number of low-emission vehicles in UTA fleet
  • Partnerships with local organizations
  • Opportunities to gather public feedback
  • Bond rating
  • The number of UTA vehicles in good repair
  • Complaints received about ticket vending machines
  • Number of minority and low income people with access to the UTA system
  • Efficiency as compared to peer agencies


The Community Service Standards page, available here, includes information about each metric, short employee videos that describe how we’re working toward these goals, and a green, yellow or red icon that shows if each standard is currently being met. We invite you to explore the webpage, navigate through to the videos, links and stories shared there, and come back often to monitor our progress towards achieving these goals.