All UVX center stations and dedicated UVX bus lanes will open on Monday, Dec 3. Here’s what you need to know:

UTA volunteers will be stationed throughout the UVX system on Monday morning to answer rider questions and concerns. You can also contact us by phone at 801-RIDE-UTA (743-3882) or on Twitter at @RideUTA.

Dedicated Bus Lanes: The UVX route has five miles of dedicated bus lanes. Drivers, please do not drive in the dedicated bus lanes. In shared lane areas, please yield to buses. Please be aware that UVX has unique signaling that allows it to travel through intersections when other traffic is stopped.

Center Station Safety: UVX center stations are Lakeview, Main Street, University Place, 2230 North, Academy Square, 300 North, Center Street and 400 South. Please cross only at designated crossings to reach the center stations. Jaywalking is illegal and dangerous.

East Bay: Also starting Dec. 3, southbound UVX buses will run the entire route to East Bay. Customers riding northbound from East Bay will still require a transfer to continue north; however, the transfer location will now be at the southwest corner of the bus island at Provo Central.

Change Day: Please note that the UVX schedule, as well as many other bus and rail schedules, will change on Dec. 2 (Dec. 3 for routes that don’t operate on Sunday). See changes here.