UTA Offers Free Multi-Day Parking

UTA Offers Free Multi-day Parking Date posted: June 26, 2013

For a current list of UTA’s free long-term and day use parking lots, please visit http://www.rideuta.com/mc/?page=RidingUTA-ParkAndRideLots-ParkAndRideLotRules

In response to public feedback, the Utah Transit Authority is offering free extended parking as part of a one-year pilot program. Beginning July 1, UTA passengers can park their cars free of charge for an unlimited amount of time at most TRAX and FrontRunner lots. The program also eliminates the current fee requirement at the Draper and Jordan Valley stations.

The pilot program is designed to help UTA riders conveniently connect to the Salt Lake International Airport.

“Many riders have expressed the desire for an affordable solution that would allow them to park their cars, get on a train and head straight to the airport,” said UTA General Manager Michael Allegra. “Free extended parking will make it easier for riders to utilize our system as they travel out of town.”

Over the next year, UTA will measure parking lot usage and monitor costs, maintenance requirements, impacts to snow removal and security issues before determining if the program will be extended.

The pilot program excludes eight lots where parking is near capacity or overnight parking is restricted due to a conditional use permit. At these lots, parking is allowed for up to 24 hours.

UTA will continue its existing parking lot security measures, which include regular patrols and video surveillance. UTA is not responsible for damage and theft and encourages riders to practice common-sense precautions such as locking their vehicles and making sure that valuables are not visible inside their cars. Suspicious activity should be reported to 801-287-EYES or by texting “UTA Tip” to CRIMES.

UTA retains the right to change or end the pilot program at any time to best serve the needs and safety of the public. Parking in UTA lots is allowed for transportation purposes only. Cars that have been abandoned or are being sold in the lots will be towed.

In considering the move to long-term parking, UTA evaluated rider feedback as well as parking practices at public transportation agencies around the nation. Many transit agencies in other cities allow 24-hour free parking but charge for long-term parking, while others provide free extended parking. UTA will continue to evaluate the parking regulations and best practices of public transportation agencies  parking system that efficiently serves UTA riders.

Free extended parking lots

American Fork Station, 782 W. 200 South, American Fork

Ballpark Station, 1300 S. 180 West, Salt Lake City

Bingham Junction Station, 7387 S. Bingham Junction Blvd., Midvale

Clearfield Station, 1250 S. State St., Clearfield

Draper Station, 12997 S. FrontRunner Blvd., Draper

Farmington Station, 450 N. 800 West, Farmington

Historic Gardner Station, 1127 W. 7800 South, West Jordan

Historic Sandy Station, 9000 S. 165 East, Sandy

Jordan Valley Station, 3400 W. 8600 South, West Jordan

Layton Station, 150 S. Main St., Layton

Lehi Station, 3101 N. Ashton Blvd., Lehi

Meadowbrook Station, 3900 S. 188 West, Salt Lake City

Midvale Center Station, 7720 S. 95 West, Midvale

Midvale Fort Union Station, 7250 S. 180 West, Midvale

Murray Central Station, 140 W. Vine Street, Murray

Murray North Station, 71 W. Fireclay Ave., Murray

Ogden Intermodal Center, 2350 S. Wall Ave. Ogden

Orem Station, 1350 W. 900 South, Orem

Pleasant View Station, 2700 N. Hwy. 89, Pleasant View

Provo Station, 690 S. University Ave., Provo

Roy Station, 4155 S. Sandridge Drive, Roy

Sandy Civic Station, 115 E. Sego Lily Drive, Sandy

South Jordan Station, 10351 S. Jordan Gateway, South Jordan

South Jordan Parkway Station, 10605 S. Grandville Ave., South Jordan

West Jordan City Center Station, 8021 S. Redwood Road, West Jordan

West Valley Central Station, 2750 W. 3590 South, West Valley

Woods Cross Station, 750 S. 800 West, Woods Cross

2700 W. Sugar Factory Road Station, 8351 S. 2700 West, West Jordan

4800 West Old Bingham Hwy. Station, 4773 W. Old Bingham Hwy, West Jordan

5600 West Old Bingham Hwy. Station, 5651 W. Old Bingham Hwy, West Jordan

Lots with free day parking only


Central Pointe, 2100 S. 221 West, Salt Lake City

Daybreak Parkway, 11405 S. Grandville Ave. South Jordan


Decker Lake 3070 S. 2200 West, West Valley

Fashion Place West Station, 222 W. Winchester St., Murray

Millcreek Station, 3300 S. 210 West, Salt Lake City

River Trail Station, 2340 South 1070 West (Parking not allowed on Sundays)

Salt Lake Central Station, 325 S. 600 West, Salt Lake City


11400 South Station (will open with the new Draper TRAX Line in August 2013)

83 thoughts on “UTA Offers Free Multi-Day Parking

  1. What about Pleasant View station? Will there be appropriate signs for those that are limited to 24 hrs? What are the policies for UTA owned bus park and rides like Riverdale?

    1. Pleasant View Station was mistakenly left off of the original list, but should be included. We’ll be changing signage so that it is easy for riders to know which lots are limited to 24-hour parking only. Bus park and ride lots are not included in the extended parking pilot program.

  2. I just want to confirm that beginning July 1 UTA riders can park in the Jordan Valley Station garage for free. Thank you.

  3. So on July 1st, is the current dollar day fee waived at the draper station then? or is it only waived for the long term parking option?

  4. Yea! Common sense prevails….. Thanks. This will be most convenient and now I won’t have to wonder if my car will still be there when I take overnight flights for work like I have in the past.

  5. What about the north temple station? Is that current empty, roped off parking lot going to be open for UTA travelers to park and take the green line directly to the airport?

      1. Hi Cheryl, yes, the program is still in effect. If you’re looking for free overnight parking, you can try the lot at Ballpark Station. If you need day-parking only, you may want to check out Salt Lake Central and Central Pointe (although parking at both locations can go quickly).

  6. Great idea! Will make getting back and forth to the airport so easy and more affordable than parking on a lot around the airport. Thanks UTA!! :)

  7. I am looking for long term parking (5 – 10 days) in the area between (Jackson/Euclid 820 W. North Temple and 1940 W. North Temple) on the TRAX green line on the way to SLC Airport.

  8. So free extended parking means up to how long? What about 2 weeks? It would be so much nicer to not have to pay for airport parking.

    1. There’s no daily or weekly limit to our free extended parking. Enjoy your two-week vacation, and spend all that money you saved on airport parking on some awesome souvenirs!

      1. I’m coming from Idaho and would like to take advantage of this parking my flight leaves and returns pretty late what are the hours of the transit ?

        1. Hi Jen, our hours vary depending on what day you’re arriving and what modes of transit you’re using. In general though, the Green TRAX Line to and from the airport runs from 5:30 a.m. to midnight M-F, 6:30 a.m. to midnight on Saturdays and 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Sundays.

  9. I understand the a Draper Pioneer TRAX Station also permits long-term parking. Is there a specific area for long-term parking. Also, I will be on a trip for 8 days. Do I need to call UTA Security?

    1. All public parking at Draper Town Center station is accessible for multi-day use, unless otherwise marked. You don’t need to contact UTA security, but please note that all riders park at their own risk.

    1. Extended parking spaces aren’t marked – you can park anywhere that’s designated public parking. You can use a handicapped spot if you have the proper parking validation.

  10. I have a camper van that I parked at the Provo CRS. I am out of town for the weekend and I want to make sure it will still be there. (I dont want it towed because they thought I was “camping” there. Should I contact someone?

  11. I am in need of long tern parking but the duration overlaps with the end of the one year trial. Is the program going to be continued or will i have to pay a fee for the time past the trial year?

  12. So, just to clarify…even though it’snot listed in the article above, the downtown Draper lot (by the library) DOES allow week long free parking? I see that the Draper frontrunner station does, but not sure about the blue line lot. Also, we are traveling with a bit of luggage for our big vacation. Is there an advantage or disadvantage to using the blue line vs. frontrunner? It looks like they take about the same amount of time. I just want as little walking and transferring as possible with a large group, stroller, luggage, and a senior. Any advice would be welcomed. :)

  13. So parking at a station like Meadowbrook or Sandy you are able to park your car there for more than just the day? Like up to a week if possible without it being towed?

  14. I’m going out of town on June 7, and will be returning June 12. Just wanted to check that I can definitely leave my car at the Provo Station, as I would like to take the FrontRunner/Trax directly to SLC Airport

  15. My van will have a small utility trailer I use for work and I want to park June 22-25 while I travel, are vehicles with a small trailer allowed in the free lots?

  16. This is a great program! I really hope you decide to continue it. I would like to park at the Woods Cross station this week, but I wont be coming back until after July 1st. What do I do if the program is not continued?

    1. Hi Jim, when are you planning to return? We’re still waiting for word on whether or not the program will be continued. I’m assuming that there will be a grace period, but I don’t have details yet. Let me know when your return date is, and we can go from there.

    2. Hi Jim, I just checked on this. We’re still evaluating the data to determine whether or not the program will be continued. At this time, we don’t have plans to end it right on July 1. If you’re only going to be there for a week or so in July, you should be fine. Thanks!

  17. I’m planning a trip the end of October and the first couple of days in November and I would love to take Frontrunner from Roy and Trax to the airport. Do you think UTA will have made a decision on long term parking by then?
    Thanks for the great service, can’t think of a reason to drive when UTA is available.

    1. Hello
      I read about free parking at the ball park station a few days ago. I parked car there this morning and flew out for a week. Just looked at the dates on this post. Is multi day free parking still in effect?

    1. Hi Sam, yes, we offer unlimited free parking. Please remember that it only applies to the lots specified in this post. Enjoy!

  18. My son wants to leave his car at Provo station and ride front runner to Layton for weekend visits, is multi day parking still permitted?

  19. I am looking into the Frontrunner as an alternative to driving to HWY 201 and Bangerter from Clearfield everyday, will there be a problem parking my pickup at the Salt Lake Central overnight? Will it be safe there?
    The plan is to catch the Frontrunner in Clearfield ride down to SL Central and then driving to work, and doing it in reverse in the evening.
    Any suggestion would be helpful.


    1. Hi Zac, we’re only able to offer day parking at Salt Lake Central at this time. Woods Cross is next station north that offers free long-term parking, so you could leave your pickup there overnight. Please note that riders take responsibility for the safety of their vehicles in all of our parking lots.

  20. Hi,

    I am planning to drive from North Carolina in late January and would like to leave my van
    fly back to NC and then return (fly back) to SLC in late June.

    Is this type of usage of the free extended parking program ok ?

    Which lot would you recommend I use ?

    1. Hi Brad,
      I wouldn’t recommend using the lots in this way. While we don’t have a set limit on the number of days you can park, cars that are thought to be abandoned are towed. In addition, we patrol the lots but cannot guarantee the safety of your car, especially for such a long period of time. If you have additional questions or concerns on this issue, I’d recommend calling one of our customer service agents at 801-RIDE-UTA.

  21. Is there anything special we have to do to let them know we are leaving our car there multiple nights. We are planning a 10day trip and want to leave our vechile at the American Fork station.

  22. Hello, I’ll be out of town from April 25-May 25 and hope to use the free extended parking lots during this time. Is there a way to ensure that my car does not appear abandoned? If I put a note in the front and rear windows will that suffice?

    1. Hi Hannah, you may want to contact Transit PD at 801-287-EYES. Let them know where you’re parking your car and give them a description. That may be a safer option than writing a note.

  23. For the multi-day extended parking, how long is extended? I may be out of town for about a week and don’t want to have my car towed.

    1. Hi Lina, we don’t put a limit on it, but I would recommend calling Transit PD and just letting them know that you’re leaving your car for a week. That way it doesn’t appear to be abandoned. You can reach them at 801-287-EYES.

  24. I was wondering what the status of this pilot program. Has it been extended further? Is the fee requirement for the Draper and Jordan Valley stations – eliminated still?

  25. I’m flying to San Francisco for four days next weekend. Is the Ballpark Station lot still free for long term parking? Also, will my car be fine for four days in the lot? I don’t see anything in the article about the length of time allowed. Thanks!

    1. Hi Katie, Ballpark Station is still free for long-term parking. There’s no limit on days, but I’d advise you to call Transit PD at 801-287-EYES and let them know that you’re leaving your car. Enjoy your trip!

  26. Does Provo Station on University Ave. still have free extended parking? If so, is it okay to leave my car for two weeks? Thanks

    1. Hi Karen, yes it does. I’d recommend just calling Transit Police at 801-287-3937 and letting them know that you’re leaving your car temporarily, it’s not abandoned.

  27. Hi. Do I need to inform the Transit Police if I will be leaving my car for only one night in the Murray Central Station lot? Thanks.

  28. I will be leaving my Toyota Rav 4 at the American Fork station for a week while I use frontrunner to get to the airport. Nov 26- Dec 3. Do I need to leave my car info anywhere so it will not get towed?

    1. Hi Jameson, it’s always a good idea to call Transit PD at 801-RIDE-UTA and let them know that you’re leaving your car for a few days, but you won’t get towed if you don’t. Happy travels!

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