You can trust the Utah Transit Authority to provide the right service in the right place through an innovative system of service types and modes.

Our goal is to take you where and when you want to go and give you the freedom to change your plans.

UTA will respect you as an individual and customer, and we will continually work to provide service that is a fair use of both your time and your money.


The Board of Trustees establishes a set of Service Standard goals for each year. While the timeline for each goal is 12 months, these goals may serve as progress milestones towards meeting a longer-term goal for the agency.

SERVICE - We provide dependable, reliable, and frequent transit service to meet the needs of our customers.

PEOPLE - We provide a customer experience that is easy to understand, comfortable, efficient, and safe.

ENVIRONMENT - We are leaders in improving the health of our region.

COMMUNITY - We involve the communities we serve to design service that is inclusive and increases access to opportunity.

STEWARDSHIP - We are responsible with the financial and physical resources entrusted to us by the public.