Clearfield City has offered to purchase a portion of the 60 acre property adjacent to the Clearfield FrontRunner Station with the intention to make the property available to Stadler Rail.

The offer has been reviewed with the UTA Board of Trustees and its Transit-Oriented Communities subcommittee, and has been discussed with the public in Clearfield City.

UTA has been working with Clearfield City and Stadler Rail to resolve conflicts with transit-critical operations, establish fair market value, and to obtain necessary approvals such as rail access authorization from Union Pacific and concurrence from FTA on reconfiguration of federally funded facilities.

The Board will consider conditionally approving the change of land designation at this site from TOD to Surplus and sell 28.25 acres of property and an Option to Purchase an additional 8.75 acres of property per terms described in the Resolution. The Board will also consider giving consent to Clearfield City to seek necessary entitlements on 28.25 acres of property.

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