Each year the UTA Board of Trustees establishes performance targets for the agency. The 2016 targets were:

  • Create and conduct a state-of-the-art survey process, combining qualitative and quantitative components designed to gauge sentiment regarding trust, accountability, and confidence in UTA.
  • Develop and implement a blueprint for a comprehensive fare policy and products focused on electronic fare collection.
  • Long-term positive growth using a 60 month moving average. Increase ridership to 47,741,595 – 2.5% over 2015 actual.
  • Investment per rider (IPR) of $4.23.
  • $15.2 million in non-small starts revenue development.
  • Completion of two (2) station area plans in coordination with the metropolitan planning organizations.
  • Complete three (3) projects identified in UTA’s first/last mile study.

The 2016 performance report summarizes outcomes relative to these targets, provides a breakdown of achievement percentages on the targets, and highlights additional 2016 opportunities and initiatives aligning with UTA’s True Norths (service, people, environment, community, and stewardship).

The Board is being asked to consider the report based on employee merit and approve the rate of performance pay.

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