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How To Use UTA GoRide

Graphic with instructions 1- select fare, 2 - pay with credit or debit car, 3 - activate, 4 - show ticket

How does UTA GoRide work?

  • Open the app on your mobile phone to plan a trip and purchase tickets.
  • Add a credit or debit card for purchases.
  • You can buy your tickets at any time and activate them when you are ready to ride.
  • Once you activate your ticket a countdown clock will show how much time you have before your ticket expires. When the screen is tapped, it will flip to an animated QR Code.
  • Show your active ticket screen to the operator when boarding the bus or fare inspector when riding TRAX. If you are using a reduced-fare ticket, you will also need to show your discount qualification (Reduced Fare ID, Medical card, or proof of age 65+).

What can be purchased on UTA GoRide?

Available tickets include TRAX, Streetcar, local bus, and ski bus. Ski bus tickets can be bought and used anytime in the current ski season. FrontRunner tickets are not currently available on the UTA GoRide mobile app, as the station-based fare structure has required additional development. We are actively working on this and anticipate adding FrontRunner tickets in early 2018.

GoRide Fare IconOne Way Fare

GoRide Passes IconDay Pass

One Way Reduced/Sr.

One Way Ski Fare

One Way Reduced/Sr. Ski Fare 

As we continue to grow the abilities of the app, additional products will be added for purchase. Tickets not currently available on the app may still be purchased via ticket vending machines or online.

Benefits of UTA GoRide

  • No need to have exact change or find a ticket vending machine.
  • You can purchase multiple fares at one time.
  • Plan your trip using the Trip-Planner tool.
  • Purchase and use tickets for multiple riders.
  • Purchase and store tickets on your phone for future use.