Bingham Junction Station To Solitude/Brighton

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Change Day Schedule - Apr. 7, 2019
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Seasonal route, service ending on April 6, 2019


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Bingham Junction Station Midvale Fort Union Station Fort Union Blvd & Highland Dr 6200 S & Wasatch Blvd Pnr Big Cottonwood Canyon Pnr Solitude Moon Beam Lodge Brighton
6:06AM No Stop 7:01AM 7:16AM 7:31AM 7:46AM 8:00AM 8:01AM 8:16AM 8:31AM 8:46AM 9:01AM 9:31AM 10:01AM 10:31AM 11:01AM 11:22AM 11:31AM 12:01PM 12:31PM 1:01PM 1:31PM 2:01PM 2:31PM 3:01PM 3:31PM 4:01PM 4:31PM
6:14AM No Stop 7:09AM 7:24AM 7:39AM 7:54AM 8:08AM 8:09AM 8:24AM 8:39AM 8:54AM 9:09AM 9:39AM 10:09AM 10:39AM 11:09AM 11:30AM 11:39AM 12:09PM 12:39PM 1:09PM 1:39PM 2:09PM 2:39PM 3:09PM 3:39PM 4:09PM 4:39PM
6:22AM No Stop 7:17AM 7:32AM 7:47AM 8:02AM 8:16AM 8:17AM 8:32AM 8:47AM 9:02AM 9:17AM 9:47AM 10:17AM 10:47AM 11:17AM 11:38AM 11:47AM 12:17PM 12:47PM 1:17PM 1:47PM 2:17PM 2:47PM 3:17PM 3:47PM 4:17PM 4:47PM
6:32AM 7:00AM 7:27AM 7:42AM 7:57AM 8:12AM 8:26AM 8:27AM 8:42AM 8:57AM 9:12AM 9:27AM 9:57AM 10:27AM 10:57AM 11:27AM 11:48AM 11:57AM 12:27PM 12:57PM 1:27PM 1:57PM 2:27PM 2:57PM 3:27PM 3:57PM 4:27PM 4:57PM
No Stop No Stop No Stop No Stop 8:02AM 8:17AM 8:31AM 8:32AM 8:47AM 9:02AM 9:17AM 9:32AM 10:02AM 10:32AM 11:02AM 11:32AM 11:53AM 12:02PM 12:32PM 1:02PM 1:32PM 2:02PM 2:32PM 3:02PM 3:32PM 4:02PM 4:32PM 5:02PM
7:00AM 7:28AM 7:55AM 8:10AM 8:26AM 8:41AM 8:55AM 8:56AM 9:11AM 9:26AM 9:41AM 9:56AM 10:26AM 10:56AM 11:26AM 11:56AM 12:17PM 12:26PM 12:56PM 1:26PM 1:56PM 2:26PM 2:56PM 3:26PM 3:56PM 4:26PM 4:56PM 5:26PM
7:10AM 7:38AM 8:05AM 8:20AM 8:36AM 8:51AM 9:05AM 9:06AM 9:21AM 9:36AM 9:51AM 10:06AM 10:36AM 11:06AM 11:36AM 12:06PM 12:27PM 12:36PM 1:06PM 1:36PM 2:06PM 2:36PM 3:06PM 3:36PM 4:06PM 4:36PM 5:06PM 5:36PM

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Intra-canyon Ski Shuttle

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