Airport TRAX Line FAQs

  • What is the planned route for the Airport TRAX line?
    The line will travel from downtown Salt Lake City along North Temple to the Salt Lake City International Airport. The line branches off the Sandy to Salt Lake TRAX line at the Arena Station, travelling north along 400 West and then turning west on North Temple. It will travel west on North Temple to 2400 West, then follow the airport access road to the eastern edge of the airport’s Terminal One. 
  • How long is the project?
    The project is 6 miles long.
  • What areas/attractions will be served by the project?
    In addition to the airport, the line will offer service to the state Fair Park, a direct connection to UTA FrontRunner (commuter rail), and the Jordan River Trail as well as many retail businesses, offices, and neighborhoods along North Temple.
  • How long will it take to ride TRAX from downtown to the airport?
    About 20 minutes
  • How often will TRAX run on this line?
    UTA initially plans to run trains on 15-minute frequencies, as is the practice for the existing TRAX system. The frequency may change to meet increasing ridership demands.
  • How many stations will be located on the line?
    The Airport Line features six new stations planned along North Temple:
    • 500 West Station (with ability to transfer to FrontRunner)
    • 800 West Station
    • 1100 West, located near the Utah State Fairgrounds
    • 1500 West Station
    • 1950 West Station
    • Airport Station, located just east of Terminal One
  • These station locations were selected after an evaluation of the following criteria:
    • Current development
    • Future development plans
    • Major destinations/ridership
    • City input
    • Feasibility
    • Available transportation infrastructure and bus accessibility
    • Spacing distance
    • Environment including wetlands, cultural resources and farmlands
  • When will the project be completed?
    Opening day for the Airport TRAX line is dependent on a variety of factors including a favorable construction schedule. However, the project team hopes to complete the line by 2013.
  • How can I find out more about the project?
    Those interested in learning more about the Airport TRAX line may sign up for UTA’s mailing list to receive updates on project milestones, public meetings and presentations. For groups interested in receiving more information about the project, a speakers’ bureau program is available. Information on the speakers’ bureau can be found by calling (801) 287-2290 or by clicking here.
  • How much will the project cost?
    Between $250M to $290M depending on final configuration and street improvements.
  • What are the ridership projections for this line?
    Year 2015 - Approximately 10,000
    Year 2030 – Approximately 14,000