Park City Connect

Welcome to the PC-SLC Connect, a public bus service connecting Park City and Salt Lake City.  Created jointly by Park City,   Summit County and UTA, the PC-SLC Connect started service in October, 2011.

PC Connect Map

Route 901
Monday - Sunday Service to Park City
Monday - Sunday Service to 3900 S Park & Ride
Holiday Service 

Route 902
Weekday Service to Park City
Weekday Service to SLC
Weekend Service to Park City
Weekend Service to SLC
Holiday Service

Fare Changes

Fare Reduction:   From $5.50 per trip to $4.50.  Multi-trip pass: Park City 30-Day Pass reduced  from $242.00 to $162.00.

To purchase a pass online, click here.

Free Transfers to UTA local service

Connect to and from PC-SLC Connect  service with UTA  * local Bus and Trax Service. Electronic Fare cards are pre-programmed for transfers, simply “Tap On and Tap Off” as you board and exit each bus or Trax.  Passengers with all other forms of fare media should ask the operator for a transfer and present it on the connecting service.  If transferring from a UTA service to PC-SLC Connect, including Eco and Ed passes, the passenger will be required to pay the additional fare upgrade.