Dining on MAX Millcreek Station to Magna

Dining on MAX: Millcreek Station to Magna Date posted: November 5, 2010

MAX travels on 3500 South from the Millcreek TRAX Station to 8400 West in Magna. This route runs every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends.

MAX is also known as bus rapid transit. MAX offers enhanced service including signal priority, faster speeds, greater reliability, increased spacing between stops, improved stops and nicer buses. Just like on TRAX, MAX has ticket vending machines at each of its stations.

There are many unique dining options along the route including: Pho Green Papaya, Kowloon Cafe, Pho Cali, Smashburger and In N’ Out Burger.

A local favorite? Gossip Tapioca Bar, located at 1929 West 3500 South, across the street from a UTA MAX bus stop.


Gossip serves traditional Vietnamese fare, with a variety of amazing meat and vegetarian options.

Menu prices range from $6.99 to $12.

We tried the Vietnamese noodles with beef and a spring roll.


Don’t miss the tapioca bubble drinks – the restaurants’ signature item. The drink comes in over a dozen flavors. We recommend the white chocolate banana.

The restaurant has a wonderful modern, Asian feel – subtle touches like a Buddha, lighting and a hand-pieced wooden wall all add to the ambiance.


Have you tried Gossip? How about another location on the route.

We’d love your suggestions for dining options accessible by transit! Please share your favorite with us.

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