UTA Announces Grand Opening Festivities For Airport TRAX Line

UTA Announces Grand Opening Plans For Airport TRAX Date posted: February 27, 2013

The Airport TRAX line will begin regular service on Sunday, April 14.  It will become part of UTA’s existing Green Line, offering service to the Salt Lake International Airport. To celebrate, UTA, Salt Lake City and local businesses will hold the grand opening ceremony and a community celebration on Saturday, April 13.

The celebration will include rides on the new TRAX line in exchange for donating food to the Utah Food Bank. In addition, in partnership with the local business community, celebration activities and events will take place at each station with free food, music and fun. So come out and celebrate the opening of the line with us!

April Service Changes

With the opening of the new Airport line, there are a number of service changes on UTA’s bus system that will also begin April 14. In January, we held five public hearings to discuss proposed changes to the transit system in Davis, Tooele and Salt Lake counties. Comments were also accepted via UTA’s website, email and through customer service. In response to the comments, low ridership and budget constraints, the following changes will take place:

Rail Service

  • Route 701 Blue Line – Minor schedule adjustments
  • Route 703 Red Line – Minor schedule adjustments
  • Route 704 Green Line – Minor schedule adjustments. We are unable to expand service on the Green Line earlier in the morning or later at night, as requested by passengers, due to budget restraints and obligations for overnight use of the track for freight movement. No changes to weekend service.

Salt Lake County

  • Route 218 Redwood Road –The North Temple portion of the route will be retained, continuing to 300 W to 200 S, then west to Salt Lake Central Station
  • Route 517 Jordan Meadows – Route will be adjusted to connect to Airport Line rather than Salt Lake Central Station
  • Route 551 International Center – New route will be implemented as proposed to connect the airport to the International Center
  • Route 522 2200 West – New service on 2200 West with slight modification to proposal to better serve additional businesses
  • Implement service eliminations as proposed:
    • Route 227 2700 West – Discontinue Saturday service due to low ridership
    • Route 523 Business Park Shuttle – Discontinue route due to low ridership
    • Route 527 Daybreak Shuttle – Discontinue route due to low ridership
    • Route 550 Airport – Replaced with TRAX and Route 551
    • Route 6 Sixth Avenue – Discontinue Sunday service due to low ridership
    • Route 240 Dixie Valley – Discontinue Sunday service due to low ridership

Utah County

April changes will be minor.   Due to BYU closing its campus to vehicles, service will be rerouted around the campus. Also, BYU and Provo City have major road reconstruction planned for the summer that will cause some rerouting.

Timing adjustments will be made to improve bus/rail connections:

  • Route 822 South Utah County BYU/UVU Limited will be rerouted around BYU
  • Route 830 Provo/Orem FrontRunner Connector will be rerouted around BYU
  • Route 831 Provo 7 Peaks/Grandview will be rerouted around BYU
  • Route 832 Provo Center/900 East will be rerouted around BYU
  • Route 811 Utah Valley TRAX Connector – schedule changes due to TRAX Blue Line changes. Minor tweaking to match bus routes up with new train schedules.

Flex Routes

  • F628 Syracuse/Hooper – Discontinued due to low ridership
  • F401 Grantsville/Stansbury Park – We will not cut midday service as proposed. The route will be realigned to service the hospital and Wal-Mart in Tooele. Service to Stansbury Park will be reduced and shifted to Grantsville
  • F547 Herriman – Second bus during peak will be eliminated as proposed
  • All other route times will be adjusted on a needs basis in order to meet trains/buses or customer needs etc.

Weber County

  • Minor schedule and time adjustments. Some trips removed from routes 640, 625, 645, 627 and 626 due to low ridership

Maps and detailed schedules for all of the above changes will be available online in mid-March.

6 thoughts on “UTA Announces Grand Opening Festivities For Airport TRAX Line

  1. Question, now that airport line will be open will UTA start allowing overnight parking in the Frontrunner parking lots? It would make it nice to park and ride Frontrunner to catch a flight.

  2. Times of operation need to be posted. People who work for airlines start early and leave late at night. It will not be good at all if the airport tracks line is just similar to the buses….

  3. when is UTA going to start to have a night ride system like they did before with the old night ride routes. By adding trips or services that they cut on major routes.

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