1,000 More Ride Clear Passes Available

1,000 More UTA Ride Clear Passes Available Date posted: June 28, 2013

We’ve given away all 1,000 Ride Clear passes. Thanks for your participation! Please follow us on Facebook for more exciting Ride Clear news.

Temperatures are already creeping up into the triple digits, which means that summertime smog is headed our way. If you haven’t already pledged to help us keep the air clear in July, now’s the time. We’re giving away 1,000 more Ride Clear passes today at www.utarideclear.com.

If you don’t want to wait for your pass to come in the mail, you can pick one up in person today. We’ll be giving away a limited number of passes today during our broadcast with the Doug Wright Show, from 9 a.m. to noon at Salt Lake Central Station, 250 S. 600 West, Salt Lake City.

The Ride Clear program is designed to help improve air quality by encouraging people to leave their cars at home on poor air quality days. According to Clean Air Utah, driving less is one of the best ways to reduce the ozone levels that create smog on hot, windless days.

The Ride Clear program is the result of a partnership between the Utah Transit Authority and Zions Bank. The passes are good for seven days of consecutive bus, TRAX and FrontRunner transit during the month of July. Passes are limited to two per household. To receive a pass, register at www.utarideclear.com.

7 thoughts on “1,000 More Ride Clear Passes Available

  1. you want everyone to take the traxs but your not runnying on the 4th or the 24th i have to work on the 4 and 24 so how am i going to get to work

  2. Utah, or at least counties along the Wasatch Front, need to pass a clean-air tax, or do something, so they can subsidize frontrunner so more people will ride it. Right now it doesn’t seem to be that much cheaper than driving.

  3. I was really considering starting to take trax instead of driving from Orem to Farmington, but then I see that it cost more for me to take trax then drive my own car. Money’s tight and I’d love to help with the air and all but I’ve got to save money. So to save I actually have to drive which is surprising to me. So if consern is really about the air maybe make it cheeper to take trax over my own car.

    1. Hi Payton, our FrontRunner fares are set to balance the taxpayer subsidy and cover operational costs, maintenance and fuel. We don’t have plans to lower them at this time. Many of our riders find that FrontRunner is less expensive than buying gas, paying to park, and maintaining your vehicle, while others simply enjoy being able to work or relax instead of fighting traffic. If you’re looking to save money, you may want to check out our FAREPAY card. Currently, you receive a 20 percent discount when riding with FAREPAY. You can find more information at farepay.rideuta.com.

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