UTA Clarifies Media Reports, Did Not Request Tax Increase

The Importance of Keeping UTA Trains on Schedule Date posted: July 20, 2013

The Utah Transit Authority would like to clarify recent media reports regarding a requested increase in tax funding. Contrary to these reports, UTA has not asked state officials for a tax increase. UTA’s existing funding is sufficient for current operations, which include the addition of the Draper TRAX Line and the Sugar House streetcar line before the end of 2013.

On July 17, UTA was invited to attend the Transportation Interim Committee to provide a report on UTA programs and projects. In our presentation to the committee, we discussed the Unified Plan, the long-range transportation plan for both roadways and transit.  The Unified Plan was created by the local mayors and government officials from five of the state’s major planning and transportation organizations; the Utah Department of Transportation, the Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Wasatch Front Regional Council, the Mountainland Association of Governments, and the Dixie Metropolitan Planning Organization.  The Unified plan has been endorsed by all the participating agencies, and has received the Governor’s Quality Growth Award.

The Unified Plan identifies future anticipated transportation improvements needed to keep pace with population growth over the next 30 years. It examines issues such as freeway and surface street capacity, as well as public transit needs in Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, Weber, Cache and Dixie counties. The plan also recommends funding methods to facilitate the recommended projects.

UTA remains dedicated to serving the public as efficiently as possible. The opening of the Draper TRAX Line in August marks the completion of the FrontLines 2015 project, under budget and two years ahead of schedule. By completing the FrontLines 2015 initiative early, UTA helped save taxpayers more than $300 million. We would like to thank our riders and the communities we serve for their continuing support as we strive to provide innovative, accessible transportation to the Wasatch Front.

5 thoughts on “UTA Clarifies Media Reports, Did Not Request Tax Increase

  1. Any individual who has worked in almost ANY business or has a family is forced into understanding and living within their “means”. That’s called budgeting. That’s called REALITY.
    UTA “saved us “$300 million”? That’s called managing outcome by poorly or smartly over estimating capital improvement proposals and then delivering on what something should have REALLY cost.
    UTA, like too many business, got caught up in its sexy dream and got “”way ahead” of its self in expansion This is THE most common business mistake in business or family finance that leads to failure.
    They sold their dream, running rail lines, wires and extraordinary expensive equipment to move people. Now it’s time to face the reality and make it work.
    The “we have to pay more to keep good executives” is nonsense. There is NO shortage of extraordinarily talented managers and who want and need the opportunity. Never has been.
    Now us the time for managers and not dreamer engineers.
    Thanks to our poliyicians who are focusing on good financial management and insisting UTA executives prove they should even have their jobs
    There is a lot of talent in Utah who have many years of experience who would gladly focus on this for probably $1 per year as a retired concerned citizens who love Utah. Get them AND their “experience”.

  2. “UTA’s existing funding is sufficient for current operations,”

    Too bad that “current operations” don’t come remotely close to meeting current needs. Maybe if you guys back off the European vacations and the overpaying of your execs, you could actually maintain your system instead of constantly cutting back.

    Oh, and that trip to Switzerland to check out transit systems to resorts? Don’t you think creating a system that serves commuters rather than occasional skiers would be a better use of your resources? People go up the canyon a few times per winter, but they go to work five days a week, and it’s getting harder and harder to do that with you guys.

    – See more at: http://www.letsrideuta.com/2013/07/20/uta-clarifies-media-reports-did-not-request-tax-increase/#sthash.lw02kQ9c.dpuf

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