UTA announces FAREPAY reloadable fare payment card

UTA announces FAREPAY reloadable fare payment card Date posted: August 28, 2013

UTA announced today it will soon debut a new fare payment card anticipated to provide greater convenience to its cash-paying riders.  Named FAREPAY, the card will allow customers to simply purchase a fare card, load it with cash and use it to tap on and off any bus or train on the system, including the Sugar House streetcar when it opens in December. With FAREPAY, there’s no need to wait in line at a ticket vending machine or find exact change for fare. The cards never expire or lose their value and can be easily reloaded with additional funds.

When can I buy my FAREPAY card?

UTA plans to release the FAREPAY card later this fall. We’ll be posting updates on UTA’s website, Facebook page and Twitter feed, so follow us on social media for more FAREPAY information.

Where can I get a FAREPAY card?

FAREPAY cards will be available online at www.rideuta.com, at UTA customer service centers and select retailers. There is a one-time $3 activation fee to purchase a FAREPAY card, which can then be loaded with any amount between $5 and $500. FAREPAY cards can be reloaded online, at customer service centers or at participating retailers.

How does FAREPAY work?

Once you’ve purchased your FAREPAY card and loaded it with money, you’re ready to ride. Just tap your card on the card reader when boarding and exiting UTA buses and trains. The cost of your ride will automatically be deducted from the value on your FAREPAY card.

Don’t forget to tap off when exiting the system or transferring between lines. FAREPAY cards, like other forms of payment, allow for a free two-hour transfer window between modes of transportation. If you don’t tap off, you could be charged for transfers or for the full length of a FrontRunner trip. You don’t need to tap on and off when transferring between TRAX lines.

What happens if I lose my FAREPAY card?

You can register your FAREPAY card online to protect yourself against loss or theft. Creating an online account also allows you to check your balance, easily add more money to your card, or sign up for automatic reloads from a debit, credit or bank account.

I usually purchase a monthly pass. Is FAREPAY right for me?

Monthly passes are designed to provide a benefit for frequent riders. If you ride occasionally, FAREPAY can give you the convenience of a monthly pass without losing its value at the end of the month.

Where can the FAREPAY card be used?

FAREPAY can be used on FrontRunner, TRAX, fixed-route and flex buses, and on the Sugar House streetcar when it opens in December. FAREPAY cards cannot be used on paratransit services, which aren’t equipped with electronic card readers.

37 thoughts on “UTA announces FAREPAY reloadable fare payment card

  1. Do all of the Flex busses have card readers, including the MV Transit ones? Can you get a reduced fare FAREPAY card for eligibile users or will future disabled ID cards have a reloadable feature? How does it work to add value if you do not want to use the internet?

    1. In response to reloading without internet, the article states that you can reload at customer service centers and participating retailers as well.

    2. Yes, all Flex buses have card readers. Reduced fare cars will be available at customer service centers, and you can also add value to the cards at one of the UTA customer service centers.

  2. Great idea, and the sooner it starts, the better! No more having a crinkled bill rejected or getting the lovely ” no tickets are available at this time” message. I can hardly wait!

  3. So are the rides priced on the distance that you are riding, or is it still a set amount. I was under the impression that uta was setting up a system for frequent riders that were only going between a few stops.

    1. Hi Sarah, the fares haven’t changed. Only FrontRunner has a distance-based fare at this time, although UTA is considering implementing a distance-based fare for the entire system.

      1. I think that would be extremely beneficial for those of us that only live and work a stop or two off the free fare zone. It is hard to justify the full price when you could just walk the few blocks to the free fare zone. If it was distance based fare, it would be a lot easier and more likely accepted when that day comes that UTA does away with the free fare zone.

  4. Is this going to be available for those who buy monthly passes? Then people could just tap on like everyone else instead of fumbling for their passes.

  5. PCS, all buses on Trax have card readers and those card readers are tap on/tap off devices. Also, all train stations have tap on/tap off locations near the entrance to the platforms. If you need to reload your card the article explains that you may do so at UTA’s customer service locations or at select retailers. I don’t know which near you would have those but that information is also available on UTA’s website.

    Source: My knowledge of UTA and this blog. I’m not an employee of UTA.

  6. Would you be able fares for multiple persons with the card or would each person need there own card? Such as a family riding together?

  7. How are fares calculated? If I to ride TRAX to/from and during the day got on the bus, would I be charged the ALL DAY fare that is published at the machines? Or, would I get charged the Roundtrip TRAX fare, plus the full bus fare? Same thing – full charges if I were to jump on a Front Runner? I assuming since it can do the distance on FR it can figure out my activity for a day if I use multiple modes – but I don’t see this clarified in the article.

    1. Hi Scott, by tapping off when you leave a train or bus, you ensure that you’re only charged for the trip you take. You have two hours to transfer from TRAX to a bus without incurring an extra charge. If you transfer from TRAX or a bus to FrontRunner, you’ll only be charged the cost of the upgrade.

  8. Are Paratransit riders going to be able to use these FAREPAY cards? We now have to buy 10 trip passes to ride ($40). We’re not currently allowed to use the reduced fare bus passes will Paratransit accept this?

    1. The FAREPAY cards cannot be used on our Paratransit vehicles, as they are not currently equipped with card readers. There will be a reduced fare FAREPAY card available to riders who qualify for the reduced fare program.

  9. With this new farepay pass, will tokens be eliminated? I commute to/from work via UTA bus and there are some months when it is less expensive for me to purchase 10-packs of tokens instead of a monthly pass.

  10. Will there be a brochure explaining how UTA’s FAREPAY smart card program works??? I am sure there will be one for Reduced Fare riders (seniors/disabled/medicare) which is known as UTA FAREPAY Reduced Fare version (the reduced fare version of the regular fare card). I believe that the new UTA FAREPAY cards will be valid on TRAX, FrontRunner, MAX (35M) as well as local and express bus service including the SLC-Park City Express Connector.

    1. Hi David, there will be a website dedicated to explaining FAREPAY, as well as a YouTube video with instructions on how to use it. The cards will also come with instructions. There will be a card for riders who qualify for reduced fares available at customer service outlets, and FAREPAY can be used on all modes of transit except for paratransit. Thanks!

  11. With the new UTA FAREPAY smart cards ready to go into service later this month….are there any chances that UTA’s Reduced Fare photo ID cards will be put into the new UTA FAREPAY smart cards as well?? What about the local monthly stickers for seniors/disabled as well as the express/premium passes for those will be eliminated and will be loaded into the smart cards?

    I hope this is a great question.

  12. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit
    my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m
    not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say great blog!

  13. I purchased a pass, and it does not work. When I called UTA they told me I have to come into their offices to get a new pass. Really inconvenient UTA! So my choice is to eat the 25.00 I put on the card, or spend money taking TRAX/Bus to the UTA offices.

  14. Is there a current time until it charges you again.? Example if I get on the train at 7 am and tap on and off and I’m the train for 30 min and get off will I only have 2 hours until it charges me again.? Or Can I be on the bus for 30 min and get back on later and not be charged.?

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