Ride with FAREPAY, starting Oct. 14

Ride with FAREPAY, starting Oct. 14 Date posted: October 8, 2013

FAREPAY, the Utah Transit Authority’s new pre-paid, reloadable electronic fare card, will be available for purchase starting Monday, October 14. For a limited time, riding with FAREPAY will allow passengers to save up to 20 percent off the regular cash fare price for local and express buses, TRAX and FrontRunner.

To celebrate, UTA will be giving away FAREPAY cards preloaded with $15 tomorrow morning at TRAX and FrontRunner stations. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out where you can get a FAREPAY card.

The fare promotion is designed to encourage cash-paying riders to switch to FAREPAY and quickly become familiar with how it works. FAREPAY is designed to make riding public transit more convenient, because riders don’t have to carry cash, have exact change or wait in line at ticket vending machines. FAREPAY will also enable UTA to gather better ridership data and adjust service accordingly.

UTA’s FAREPAY promotion will run through March 14, 2014. The discount is valid on all UTA except ski  bus, paratransit and Park City Connect services. Seniors and disabled riders who qualify for reduced fare can also take advantage of the promotion by contacting UTA Customer Service to receive a FAREPAY card that honors the reduced fare discount.

Getting Started with FAREPAY

FAREPAY cards will be available online or at UTA Customer Service centers beginning Oct. 14. Retail merchants, including select Walgreens, Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven and Associated Food Stores, will be rolling out FAREPAY cards in the following days and weeks.  A full list of participating merchants is available at farepay.rideuta.com. Reduced fare cards must be purchased at UTA Customer Service centers. There is a one-time $3 activation fee to purchase a FAREPAY card, which can then be loaded with any amount between $5 and $500.

FAREPAY cards must be activated before use. Cards purchased at UTA Customer Service centers or retail merchants are activated at the register. Cards purchased by mail must be activated online before use.

FAREPAY users can register and create an account online at farepay.rideuta.com. Registering your FAREPAY card will allow you to check your balance, schedule automatic reloads, ensure loss and theft protection and more.

Riding with FAREPAY

Use your FAREPAY card to tap on before boarding a bus or train and tap off when transferring or exiting the system. If riding TRAX, only tap between the first and last stations. You do not need to tap when transferring between TRAX lines.

Remember to tap off to ensure that you’re charged the correct amount. If you forget to tap off, you will not receive a transfer credit. If riding FrontRunner, you’ll be charged for a full-length trip.

FAREPAY can be used on FrontRunner, TRAX, fixed-route and flex buses, and on the Sugar House streetcar when it opens in December. FAREPAY cards cannot be used on paratransit services, which aren’t equipped with electronic card readers.

21 thoughts on “Ride with FAREPAY, starting Oct. 14

    1. Hi Zach, monthly passes can’t be added to FAREPAY cards at this time. The regular monthly pass is still the most cost-effective option for riders who use the system every day. Premium monthly passes may be more cost-effective than a FAREPAY card, depending on the length of FrontRunner trips.

  1. Can you outline the “tapping sequence” for riding FrontRunner and then transferring to a bus, and vice versa? Wouldn’t want to do it wrong and get double charged.

    1. No problem, Sterling. Simply tap off when boarding FrontRunner. When you exit the train, tap your card again on the card reader. This will ensure that you’re only charged for the length of your trip. If you’re transfering to a bus or TRAX, tap on again before boarding and off when exiting. You will have a two-hour free transfer window between exiting FrontRunner and boarding a train or bus.

  2. So how does the transfer credit work? R we charged for each bus or train we transfer to? Orr it’s there a transfer time for the original fare price like with transfers purchased with cash?

    1. Hi Stephanie, the two-hour free transfer window still exists. Remember to tap of when leaving a bus or train. You then have two hours to tap on another service without incurring a charge.

  3. I was wondering if when tapped in the morning before work, then in the afternoon after work and then another time let’s say 4 hours later, will Farepay charge for three trips or for one Day Pass?

    1. Hi Michael, in that scenario, you would be charged for each trip rather than the day pass rate. We’re investigating this issue and may make changes in the future. Thanks!

  4. How do I travel with my minor children with a FAREPAY card? Would I need to get a separate card for each of my children (over 4), and would it only charge the minor fare instead of the whole adult fare?

  5. Can I also use my FAREPAY card instead of cash/credit at the TRAX or Frontrunner ticket kiosks instead of tapping on/off, if I want to have a paper ticket, or purchase multiple tickets?

  6. I commute from farmington to west valley every day for work, to save gas i have signed up for 4 days a week @ 10 hrs/day as my work week. I’ve heard that this may qualify for a discount for UTA, is this true, and if so may i get a discount on farepay?

    1. Hi Steven, unfortunately, we don’t have a discount specifically for riders who are working four 10-hour days. We do, however, have a limited-time promotion that allows riders using FAREPAY cards to save up to 20 percent off a regular cash fare. For example, if you paid cash for a one-way TRAX ticket, the fare would be $2.50. If you use your FAREPAY card to purchase the ticket, the cost is $2. You can find more information about FAREPAY at farepay.rideuta.com.

  7. Trying to activate my card, that I purchased at the Customer Service on 511 W 200 S, Sep.16
    1)To enter my new account must type ORDER ID, but can not find this number on the card, package or receipt.

    2)At the time of purchase the Customer Service representative did not tell me anything about $15 preloaded as a special offer (see above “To celebrate, UTA will be giving away FAREPAY cards preloaded with $15…” )

    Please help!

    1. Hi Grace, unfortunately the $15 offer was available for one day only. A limited number of the preloaded cards were handed out at stations on Oct. 2. If you purchased the card from customer service, it should have been removed from the packaging and activated for you. If that is not the case, please call customer service at 801-RIDE-UTA. They’ll be able to look up your account and ensure your card is ready to use.

  8. I want to ride RT 516 from 333 South State to North Temple FrontRunner. I have the Premium Transit Pass. Your trip calculator says my total cost to Farmington Station will be $3.10. How is this calculated? Is there an implied transfer of $2.50 from the bus and an addition $.60 for Frontrunner, or is the entire bus in the Free Fare Zone, and thus I am only paying for FrontRunner?

    If I do board the 516 bus in the Free Fare Zone, do I still tap on/off?

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