UTA is celebrating another round of Prop 1 improvements by giving away free reusable water bottles filled with goodies and service information. Water bottles will be available while supplies last at Clearfield and Layton FrontRunner stations starting at 5 a.m. on Monday, August 14.

Six Davis and Weber county routes are being improved using Prop 1 funds. Changes to the routes will be implemented starting Sunday, August 13. UTA Regional General Manager Eddy Cumins said the changes were based on feedback from operators and riders and by conducting public outreach at open houses.

Route 603 and 612 will now have 30-minute service on Sundays. Routes 626 and 627 will now have 30-minute service during peak weekday times and one-hour service on Saturdays. The routes will also connect to Clearfield Station. Route 613 will feature improved service during the morning, with four new trips added, and route 604 is changing to improve connections with FrontRunner at the Roy Station. See route schedules and maps here.

To date, Prop 1 improvements have increased Weber and Davis county service by 22 percent. Cumins said this is only the beginning, adding that residents of both counties can expect to see continued improvements over the next several years.

Prop 1 funding has also been used to add rider amenities. More than 120 bus stops have received features like cement pads, benches, shelters and garbage cans using Prop 1 funds, with more enhancements planned for the future.

“Over the past couple of years, we’ve invested evenly in both priorities,” Cumins said. “Our overall strategy has focused on increased service as well as making transit more comfortable and accessible.”