Like peanut butter to jelly, or cheese to crackers, UTA and GREENbike are the perfect partnership; with GREENbike docking stations available at or near UTA Stations North Temple, Salt Lake Central, Library, Gallivan, Temple Square, City Center, and Arena, the downtown experience has never been easier.

Three commuters share their stories:

“Driving really stresses me out,” Jennifer, 41, a Communication Specialist, said. “So on the weekends during the summer we’ll take FrontRunner to North Temple and hop on a bike. We’ll kind of cruise around Gateway Mall and then ride over to the Farmer’s Market at Pioneer Park. It’s wonderful because there’s a docking station at the park, so we put our bikes in there, walk around and go shopping, and then when we’re finished we load up a new bike with our goodies and ride back to FrontRunner. It’s so perfect because there’s no stress about parking and I don’t have to deal with crazy drivers. It’s wonderful, and actually really relaxing.”

“It doesn’t hurt that we’re burning a few calories, either,” she laughed.

Elias, 38, a full time magician, recalls the time taking TRAX and GREENbike saved the day. “I had a gig downtown, a charity show for the Ronald McDonald House, but it was scheduled to start right around rush hour. I thought I had given myself enough time to get there, but there was another event going on downtown and I couldn’t get through the traffic. I was starting to panic that I was going to be late to my show! So I found the first parking space I could find, jumped on TRAX and rented a bike to take me the rest of the way. I made it to the venue on time!”

Mike, a graduate student at the University of Utah, remains at the top of GREENbike’s leaderboard for both trips taken (925) and miles ridden (758) since the start of the year. He often pairs bikes and trains on his commute. “I usually tend to take more rides during the evening, when I have free time and time to ride for fun. I commute almost every day from Power Station on the Green Line to South Campus Station on the Red Line. Rather than waiting 10 minutes to transfer at Courthouse, I’ve found that it’s a lot more fun to ride through downtown on a GREENbike in order to transfer between TRAX lines. I also ride almost every evening to and from the downtown Harmon’s to pick up groceries, since it’s faster than walking…

“My GREENbike trips are mostly to get around quicker downtown, since it’s much faster than walking and also avoids waiting for TRAX or a bus. Bikeshare is a great compliment to transit, since it allows an alternative for short trips and also helps solve the last mile problem. I’m hoping that GREENbike expands soon beyond downtown SLC, since I would love to be able to use it in my own neighborhood and also at the U.”

From the Twilight Concert series to food trucks at the Gateway Mall, to Broadway shows at the Capital Theatre, from Comic Con at the Salt Palace to burritos at Red Iguana, UTA and GREENbike can get you there this summer!