This three-year-old chocolate lab/German shorthaired pointer mix is more than just a pretty face. Kaiya is the newest pup to join UTA's Transit Police Department as an explosives detection dog. She, along with dogs Daisy and Bobbie, work to sniff out dangerous substances on UTA trains and buses. 

Kaiya spent the first years of her life as a family dog for one of the transit police officers, but it became clear that she needed a purpose and a positive outlet for her energy. She was donated to the department and now spends her days with her handler, Officer Michael Southworth, searching for explosives and practicing her skills. Kaiya recently completed a several-month training session and started work at UTA on June 18. 

Thanks Kaiya, Officer Southworth, and the rest of the UTA Transit Police Department for working hard to keep our system safe!

About UTA Explosives Detection Dogs

What types of odors can these dogs detect?

Kaiya, Bobbie and Daisy are trained to detect dozens of scents that are commonly used in making explosives. 

Are they friendly?

All three pups have been chosen for their ability to work well around people and other animals. You're welcome to pet Kaiya, Bobbie and Daisy, just check with their handlers first. 

Where do the dogs stay when they're not on duty?

UTA police dogs live at home with their handlers, where they enjoy all the benefits of family life in their off hours. 

Are they also drug-sniffing dogs?

No, Kaiya, Bobbie and Daisy are trained only on explosives, but the presence of any type of police dogs on public transit has been shown to curb criminal activity.