The temperature is creeping into the triple digits for the first time this year. It’s a great opportunity to help prevent summer smog by leaving your car at home and riding UTA. If you do head out on one of our buses or trains, here are a few tips to help you keep your cool.

Plan for the Heat

We have air conditioning on all of our vehicles, but it can be tough to keep them cool on hot days. This is especially noticeable on TRAX, which has frequent stops – opening the doors lets the cool air out – and a higher number of riders per car generating body heat. Wear lightweight clothing, but please note that shoes and shirts are required per our rider rules. If there’s a TRAX or FrontRunner car that seems especially hot, let us know on Twitter at @RideUTA. We’ll contact the operator and make sure everything is working correctly. If you’re on a bus that’s too warm, speak with the operator or send us a tweet.

Stay in the Shade

Track your bus or train so that you’re not waiting out in the heat any longer than necessary. You can find the next three real-time arrivals for your bus route by texting the stop number to 882 882. You can also track the location of your bus or train using the automated vehicle locator feature on our website. Plan to be at your bus stop or rail platform at least 5-7 minutes early so that you don’t miss your ride and end up out in the heat for longer than you anticipated.

Use Common Sense

Wear sunscreen and a hat and bring water (food and other beverages are allowed only in closed containers). Don’t let the heat distract you from staying safe. Remain alert on rail platforms and when crossing the tracks. Remove headphones and walk your bike or skateboard when you’re approaching a platform or crossing.