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Ride Time Offers New Route Selection Feature

Ride Time Offers New Route Selection Feature Date posted: September 25, 2015

We’ve added a new feature to make Ride Time, UTA’s real-time bus information service, even more convenient. You can now find next bus departure times for a specific route. It’s as easy as sending a text: Step 1: Find the six-digit stop ID number on your bus stop sign. Step 2: Text the stop ID…[read more]

RideTime: Real-time bus information at your thumbtips

Date posted: December 2, 2013

UTA’s new RideTime text message service makes it easier than ever to catch the bus. RideTime utilizes real-time data to help you determine bus departure times for more than 6,500 stops throughout UTA’s service district. Here’s how RideTime works: Grab a cell phone with text-messaging capabilities. Find the Stop ID on your bus stop sign….[read more]