Service Choices

Service Choices is a public outreach and planning effort which used input collected from the communities we serve to guide future changes to the bus network.

A primary objective of this study was to develop a draft network bus plan for public review and feedback in the spring of 2020. The work was halted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the changes and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, it was determined that the time was not right for presenting a proposed bus restructuring plan.

The study also included suggestions for the planning process for UTA’s high-frequency Core Route Network.

In late 2020, a draft update to the Five-Year Service Plan was published online. This plan incorporates, where feasible, many of the concepts developed during the Service Choices planning process. The plan also includes the Core Route Network concepts.

The draft Five-Year Service Plan can be found at

The UTA Service Choices Final Summary Report, completed in June of 2020, can be found under the “Get Informed” link at the right of this page.

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