Discount eligible riders can reach out directly to UTA to receive a code that will permanently unlock discounted pricing for all trips on the UTA On Demand service. They can call the UTA Customer Service Department at (801) 743-3882.

UTA On Demand

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UTA On Demand service connects communities with transit options as well as other local destinations in the designated service area.

This innovative form of transportation connects riders with other transit services as well as to other local destinations in the community. The app-based technology matches multiple riders headed in a similar direction into a single vehicle, with routing that allows for quick and efficient shared trips without lengthy detours or relying on fixed route schedules.

Your trip must start and end within the designated service area. After booking a ride, the app will display the pick-up location where the vehicle will meet you. This is a corner-to-corner service, so you’ll be picked up and dropped off close to your final destination.

Download the UTA On Demand app, available in your favorite app store, to start riding today! Or call 385-217-8191.

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Try UTA On Demand and get your first 10 rides FREE! Here’s how it works:

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The regular adult one-way fare is only $2.50, so grab your friends and take a ride!

Riders who use mobility devices can request a ride from an accessible van by selecting wheelchair accessibility in their profile. Once turned on, all your trips will be booked with an accessible vehicle.

If you don’t have a mobile phone, you can get help booking a ride by calling 385-217-8191. For more information about how to book a ride over the phone, watch this How to Book a Ride on UTA On Demand video. You may also use this number for questions about the UTA On Demand app or any other questions regarding the service. Or send a message to rider support at

How to Pay

You can pay for your ride in the UTA On Demand app using a credit or debit card, FAREPAY card, or passes like the Eco Pass or Student Pass linked to your account. These cards can be added in your app or added to your account over the phone, just call 385-217-8191.

For those booking rides for multiple riders (ie. groups going to the same destination), you can now book using your method of payment and include up to 4 additional riders at no extra cost. This means the fare for a one-way ticket/ride is only $2.50. This is a trial feature and expires July 31, 2022.

You can also pay using valid UTA paper or mobile tickets or passes by selecting: ‘UTA Paper Ticket or Transfer’ in the app under Payment Methods* and show your paper or mobile ticket when you board. For more detailed ways to pay, visit the app help center. *Excludes cash.

Requesting Rides from UTA TRAX and FrontRunner Stations

UTA TRAX and FrontRunner stations have designated pick-up/drop off locations. If you’re catching a ride from a station, please find this sign for quick pick-ups and drop offs.

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To provide feedback on the service or UTA specific questions, please contact UTA customer service at 801-RIDE-UTA (801-743-3882) or at

To get help booking a ride, questions about the Via app or any other questions regarding Via’s services you can call 385-217-8191 or send a message to Via’s rider support at

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