UTA Call for Award Nominations

The Committee on Accessible Transportation (CAT) is asking for nominations for the “I AM UTA” award for UTA employees who provide remarkable service to riders with disabilities; as well as the “I Ride UTA” award to outstanding UTA riders who have a disability and have found their independence using transit.

Award nominations are due Monday, July 8, 2024. The awards ceremony will occur on Thursday, July 25th, 2024. Nominees will be notified before the awards ceremony.

2024 "I Ride UTA" Award

The “I Ride UTA” Award is presented to individuals with disabilities who choose to use UTA’s accessible fixed route bus and rail services, Paratransit, UTA On Demand and Flex Routes as their opportunity to achieve independence through integrated public transit.

We ask for your assistance by making an award nomination, passing the application on to someone you know who deserves recognition, or fill out the form for yourself to be considered.

Are you or someone you know deserving of this recognition? Print and fill out the nomination form here, or fill out the form online, here.

2024 "I am UTA" Award

This award was created to recognize individuals who provide service above and beyond what is expected of them. The award will be presented to UTA employees or contractor staff who provide outstanding customer service to people with disabilities. The employee you nominate could work for any of the UTA public transit business areas such as route planning, Paratransit trip scheduling, operating a bus or train, maintenance on vehicles, or serving as a transit officer, train host or a customer service representative.

Shine the light on the fabulous employees who go above and beyond! Print and fill out the nomination form here, or fill out the form online, here.

Completed nominations should be sent to:
UTA ADA Compliance Officer
669 W. 200 S.
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Fax: (801) 287-4675
Email: ASalmon@rideuta.com

Questions? Contact Amanda Salmon, UTA ADA Compliance Officer at (801) 287-3536, dial 711 to make a relay call, or send an email to ASalmon@rideuta.com.

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