Tap on. Tap off.

To make your riding experience easier, UTA has an electronic fare card (EFC) system. With the system you can ride UTA with your EFC card (like Eco Pass, Ed Pass or FAREPAY). 

You can use the EFC system by simply tapping your EFC card on a UTA electronic card reader.

Why Tap?

You may be wondering why you should tap. Tapping helps you because it:

  • Shows that you have made a valid fare payment (prevents getting tickets from UTA Police)
  • Sends a message about which routes you use most, so that UTA can better evaluate and improve services
  • Gives you a transfer credit on most services
  • Ensures you are charged the correct amount (failure to tap on and off of FrontRunner will charge you the full fare amount).

Frequently Asked Questions

Card not working or rejected? Please contact your card issuer to resolve the issue, or call 801 287-2667 or 1-877-882-0200.

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