Starting Dec 11th, Route 902 will service stops at 3900 S. Wasatch Blvd, Jeremy Ranch, and Kimball Junction. We are partnering with High Valley Transit to service stops on Route 107 at Salt Lake Central, 200 S. Main, 100 S. North Campus Drive, University of Utah Medical Center TRAX Station, Foothill Boulevard and Wakara Way, 2100 South 2100 E, Jeremy Ranch, and Kimball Junction. Click Here for more details.


Fares (Transfers to local buses, TRAX, & Streetcar)

One-way - Senior/Reduced One-way

Park City

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One-way - Senior/Reduced One-way

The Park City one-way fare cash payment is good on Park City – SLC Connect bus service and includes a two-hour transfer to local buses, TRAX and Streetcar.

FAREPAY Reloadable Card: Use of the FAREPAY card on Ski bus and PC-SLC Connect do not receive discounts on these services. SLC local FAREPAY card holders save 20 percent off local bus, TRAX, S-Line and up to 20 percent off of FrontRunner and Express Bus fares. FrontRunner savings vary between 17 and 20 percent, depending on distance traveled. Save 18 percent off Express Bus fare. FAREPAY cards cannot be used on Paratransit. Purchase card here.

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5.00 - $2.50

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