UTA President/CEO Jerry Benson proposed today that the FAREPAY promotional rail and bus discount be extended through 2017. The discount saves riders 40 percent off bus fare and up to 20 percent off rail fare when they pay with a FAREPAY card. The recommendation is part of UTA’s Tentative 2017 Budget, which was approved by the UTA Board of Trustees today and will be finalized in December after a public comment period has concluded.

FAREPAY is becoming more popular with our customers, increasing the ease and convenience of riding our buses and trains. We expect this extension to help while transitioning more of our riders to electronic fare media,” Benson said. “UTA hasn’t had a fare increase in several years now and we are glad to be able to continue this promotion while maintaining a fiscally responsible operating budget.”

FAREPAY is a convenient fare payment method that eliminates the need to purchase a train or bus ticket or use exact change to board a bus. Riders can add any amount of money between $5 and $500 to a reusable FAREPAY card and pay as they go, tapping on and off the system at electronic card readers.

Riders have used FAREPAY for more than 5.7 million boardings since the card was launched on Oct. 14, 2013. The card originally provided riders with a 20 percent discount off both bus and rail fare. The bus discount was increased to 40 percent in July 2015.

FAREPAY is available online, at UTA Customer Service locations and at nearly 400 retailers throughout UTA’s service area, including select 7-11, Maverick, Walgreens and Associated Foods stores throughout the Wasatch Front. There is a one-time $3 fee to purchase a FAREPAY card. The cards can be registered online to protect against lost and theft. Creating an online account also allows riders to check their balance, easily add more money to a card or sign up for automatic reloads from a debit, credit or bank account.


  • Fifty percent of FAREPAY boardings are made on the bus, 28 percent on TRAX/S-Line and 22 percent on FrontRunner
  • More than 250,000 FAREPAY boardings are recorded each month
  • Reduced fare FAREPAY cards are available for qualifying riders at UTA customer service locations
  • More than 30,000 FAREPAY cards have been purchased in just the last 12 months
More information about FAREPAY is available at www.farepay.rideuta.com/