Many riders have to transfer as part of their daily commutes. In fact, questions and concerns about transfers are some of the most common inquiries we receive on social media. Here are a few tips to make your transfer go as smoothly as possible.

Plan it Right

Are you allowing yourself less than five minutes to make a transfer? It might work on occasion, but even the slightest delay could mean a missed connection. We recommend giving yourself a 7-10 minute window to transfer from bus, TRAX or FrontRunner to another mode. This will give you time to safely transfer while providing you with a bit of buffer in case your bus hits all red lights or a passenger needs extra assistance boarding TRAX.

Don’t Forget Your Free Transfer

Did you know that UTA offers free transfers? You can transfer between buses, TRAX and the S-Line at no additional charge within two hours of purchasing a ticket or tapping on with a pass. Riders with an active transfer can deduct the cost of bus or TRAX fare from their FrontRunner ticket. 

Know When to Tap

Save time and avoid unnecessary charges by remembering when to tap with a FAREPAY card or other form of electronic payment. Always tap when entering and exiting a bus or FrontRunner train, even when you’re transferring between modes. You won’t be charged during the two-hour free transfer period. You do not need to tap off and on again when transferring between TRAX lines. Just tap once at the start of your TRAX trip, and again at the end. 

We’re Here to Help

Consistently missing a connection? Call UTA customer service at 801-RIDE-UTA or contact us on Twitter at @rideuta. We’ll take a look at your travel schedule and see if we can help you plan a better trip. 

If you’ve planned a trip with adequate transfer time but you’re still going to miss an hourly bus or the last bus of the night, let us know. We can sometimes request that buses hold for a few minutes for late-arriving connections. Please note that due to the number of riders impacted, trains typically can’t hold for late connections for more than a minute or two.