UTA is committed to improving air quality, reducing wasteful energy consumption, and advancing the agency’s electrified fleet plan by investing in cleaner energy sources. Currently, diesel buses comprise just over 85% of UTA’s bus fleet. By 2040, UTA intends to replace approximately 40% diesel-powered buses with battery electric buses (BEBs). UTA is also currently working on plans to electrify On Demand vehicles, paratransit buses, vanpool vans, white fleet vehicles, and eventually FrontRunner (commuter rail). The significant increase in electric vehicles (EVs) will require power storage upgrades and an expanded network of charging infrastructure, which is being managed through collaborative internal departments and external stakeholders. All of UTA’s ongoing and future electrification efforts will help to significantly decrease transit vehicle carbon emissions and air pollutants.

Electric Bus Fleet
UTA implemented its first three battery-electric buses to the fleet in 2019. These vehicles have been operating successfully on routes 2 and 509. On-route chargers at Salt Lake Central support these buses in addition the depot chargers at the bus garage. Through a couple different grants, UTA recently purchased 33 more electric buses which will enter into operations within the next two years.

Tooele County EV Microtransit
This project has meaningful mobility and air quality benefits. The microtransit service operations will improve connections between the rural communities of Tooele, Grantsville, and Stansbury Park, and to Salt Lake City express bus routes.

This project will replace 6 gasoline powered vehicles used for existing flex route and dial-a-ride services in Tooele County with 8 zero-emission electric vehicles, while modernizing existing services with an on-demand microtransit service. 6 vans will be used for passenger service and 2 vans will be available as spares/backup. All 8 of the electric vehicles will be ADA accessible, commercially available, 15-passenger vans with telematic systems.

A Level 2 charging system will be designed and installed in the existing Tooele garage, and a Level 3 charging system for in-field charging. The current workforce will be trained on electric vehicle operation and maintenance. UTA anticipates deploying this new service in August 2022.

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