• Q: What is the purpose of this research?
  • A: The Point of the Mountain Development Commission was established in 2016 by the Utah Legislature and was tasked with constructing a vision of growth for the Point of the Mountain area while preserving the state’s elevated quality of life. As part of this effort, the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) in collaboration with Bluffdale City, Draper City, Lehi City, Sandy City, South Jordan City, Salt Lake County, Utah County, Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG), Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC), and other key stakeholders have initiated the Point of the Mountain Transit Study to help identify a public transit approach that will improve travel and mobility between the rapidly growing regions in the study area.

    Results from the survey will be used to help UTA, your city and other agencies plan for future development, mobility, and sustainable growth and quality of life in southern Salt Lake County and northern Utah County.

  • Q: Who is ComEngage?
  • A: ComEngage (https://ComEngage.us/) is a full-service research firm that is working with the Utah Transit Authority to support this research. ComEngage has extensive experience with transportation agencies across the country, and specifically in the western United States. ComEngage is based in Edmonds, WA.
    ComEngage is hosting the survey on their secure servers to maintain respondent confidentiality. All work is conducted in accordance with ISO 20252—Market Research Standards. ComEngage is a member of the Insights Association (formerly CASRO) and is bound by their strict business and ethical guidelines http://www.casro.org/?page=TheCASROCode).

  • Q: How do I know my data is safe?
  • A: ComEngage has strict data confidentiality and security standards.
    The CASRO Code of Ethics states:

    Since individuals who are interviewed are the lifeblood of the survey research industry, it is essential that survey research organizations be responsible for protecting from disclosure to third parties--including clients and members of the public--the identity of individual respondents as well as respondent-identifiable information, unless the respondent expressly requests or permits such disclosure.

  • Q: Why was I selected?
  • A: A random selection of households in the Point of the Mountain Transit Study Area have been selected to participate in this survey. ComEngage pulled a list of addresses from a third-party vendor and used consumer databases to append information such as your email address, address, phone, etc. No personal information is shared with UTA or any of its partner cities or agencies in any way and your responses will be kept completely confidential.

  • Q: Can more than one person in my household participate?
  • A: Yes, however, each household is assigned a single-use USERID that cannot be shared with other households. While we understand that other people you know may want to participate in the survey, the purpose of single-use USERID’s is to ensure a representative sample across the Point of the Mountain Study area. The use of USERID’s also prevent any attempts at “spamming” the survey. This ensures that the survey is representative of all residents equally.

  • Q: Who do I contact if I need more information?
  • A: George Angerbauer, Public Relations Specialist at Utah Transit Authority GAngerbaue@rideuta.com – 801.493.5865

  • Q: Who do I contact at ComEngage if I need more information or the survey link does not work?
  • A: Nathan Wiggin, Project Director at ComEngage at nathan@comengage.us or (206) 489-2363.

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