UTA is launching a Fare Cap Pilot that runs September 12, 2021, through March 12, 2022. Fare capping is defined as, once a rider using a transit card (FAREPAY) taps enough times to reach the overall daily or weekly expenditure, they are no longer charged for any additional trips for the duration of the appropriate pass.

UTA is asking current FAREPAY cardholders and cardholders of the Reduced Fare FAREPAY card, to sign up to participate in this pilot for the next six months – by registering HERE.

Riders who don’t currently have an active FAREPAY card, but would like to participate, can go to (https://farepay.rideuta.com) to purchase a FAREPAY card online, then sign up for the pilot HERE.

FAREPAY cards are also available at all Customer Service locations and at many local retail outlets. See the list at https://farepay.rideuta.com/storelocator.html

If you qualify for the reduced fare, you can apply HERE. Once approved, a reduced fare FAREPAY card will be provided, and you can then click HERE to be included in the Fare Cap Pilot.

Those who sign up to participate in the pilot will be asked to provide important feedback about the service. Feedback can be sent to fares@rideuta.com or by calling UTA Customer Service at 801.743.3882.

Participants will not receive the regular FAREPAY discounts during the pilot, however, you will be capped (no more charges) once the daily – or weekly – threshold is met. For example:

Daily Caps
UTA FAREPAY card - $5 per day on regular service.
UTA Reduced Fare FAREPAY card - $2.50 per day on regular service.

Weekly Caps
UTA FAREPAY card: $20 per week on regular service, $40 per week on premium service

UTA Reduced Fare FAREPAY card: $10 per week on regular service, $20 per week on premium service

For the Fare Cap Pilot, there will be regular and premium service caps:

Regular Services: Bus, TRAX, Streetcar, UTA on Demand

Premium Services: Express Bus, FrontRunner

Services not included: Ski Service, PC-SLC Connect, Paratransit

FAREPAY Fare Cap Pilot

To opt in to the UTA Fare Capping Pilot, please complete this form. All fields in this section are required.

The following questions are optional but very helpful to UTA in understanding who is represented. This information will not be used for discriminatory purposes in any way. Thank you for your participation!

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