** September 8, 2021 Update **

UTA has extended this free fare promotion through December 31, 2021. We continue ask for an appointment confirmation as proof of fare.


** June 23, 2021 Update **

UTA has extended this free fare promotion through September 30, 2021. We continue ask for an appointment confirmation as proof of fare.


Utah is increasing efforts to distribute and administer the COVID-19 vaccine to all communities and Utah Transit Authority (UTA) is supporting this effort by providing free fares to and from vaccination appointments through June 30, 2021. The free fare is valid on all UTA modes, including TRAX, FrontRunner, S-Line, bus, Ski bus, Paratransit, UTA’s On Demand service, and PC-SLC Connect.  

Riders with confirmed vaccination appointments must show their appointment confirmation as proof of fare when they board. The confirmation may be printed or shown on a mobile device, including email or text confirmation. UTA will also accept the vaccination card with the appointment date as proof of fare.

The free fare is valid on the date of the appointment shown on the confirmation.
For example: If your first appointment is on March 20 and your second appointment is on April 10, you may ride for free by showing your confirmations on those dates.

Paratransit riders can schedule rides as usual by calling 801-287-7433, please mention you’re traveling to your scheduled appointment and show your confirmation. You can find more info about Paratransit here.

For our riders in southern Salt Lake County, using UTA's On Demand by Via, please enter VAC2021 into Promo Codes in the app.

Vaccination sites are located throughout UTA’s service area. If you need help finding the best transit route to your appointment, just enter the vaccination site address into the Transit app or Google maps. (The Transit App is available from your favorite app store; or visit transitapp.com/download.)

We're excited to do our part in helping Utah be safe and healthy.

"UTA will be part of getting people vaccinated as we serve the community by getting people to their appointments." - Beth Holbrook, UTA Trustee

"For UTA to be a team player and help the community get vaccinated is a win-win." - Jeff Acerson, UTA Trustee

UTA is continuing current COVID-19 safety measures, which include daily disinfection of our vehicles and facilities, requiring face coverings, and actively promoting physical distancing. Stay safe!

For more information about COVID-19 in Utah, visit Utah’s COVID-19 Vaccination page.

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