We’re wrapping up the 50th Anniversary commemorative book this week. The last decade was a capstone on the expansive system UTA has been able build over 50 years of service. 

Before you turn the pages make sure to visit our Augment Your Ride page to learn more about other fun moments in UTA’s history and how to win some retro swag. 

A few notables from the UTA in the 2010s: 

  • 2013 Green Line extends to the Salt Lake International Airport.
  • 2013 S-Line opens.
  • 2018 UVX opens.
  • 2019 We run pilot projects as part of our new Integrated Mobility program. 


Travel Through Each Decade

You can see the other decades from our 50th Anniversary commemorative book below. It’s a great way to get more familiar with your transit agency and see how far UTA has come. Enjoy!

50 Years Forward: the Olympics Sparks Transit

50 Years Forward: Back in the 90s

50 Years Forward: UTA in the 80’s

Today, UTA turns 51, but we might tell you 50

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