Who We Are

TRAX ambassadors are part of UTA's newest pilot program. This dedicated team of compassionate individuals is committed to enhancing the rider experience on the TRAX Blue Line in Salt Lake City. Our team consists of 8-10 staff members who have undergone specialized training to provide support and assistance to all passengers, particularly those experiencing barriers and who need access to resources. With a focus on inclusivity and safety, we strive to create a welcoming and positive environment for everyone who rides transit.

What We Do

The primary goal of TRAX ambassadors is to ensure that every rider feels supported and valued during their transit journey. We provide a range of services, including offering information, resources, and referrals to passengers in need. Whether you're looking for assistance with navigating the transit system, accessing community resources, or simply seeking a friendly face during your commute, our team is here to help. We meet riders where they are with information they need.

Note: TRAX ambassadors are not transit police or security officers. Ambassadors and officers both provide support to riders, but ambassadors are not law enforcement and do not act as transit security.

Where To Find Us

  • TRAX Blue Line between Salt Lake Central and Central Pointe stations
  • Weekdays
  • 6:30-11:30 a.m. and 4:30-9:30 p.m.
  • Spot us in our blue vests!

TRAX Ambassadors

Our Impact - last updated June 27, 2024

  • Over 13,500 intentional interactions (more than a greeting)
  • 140+ highlighted interactions supporting unsheltered riders
  • 60+ highlighted interactions supporting riders with differing abilities
  • 55+ highlighted interactions providing translation
  • 50+ reported service concerns (i.e. cleanliness, sign/audio, door/ramp, payment, tap machines)
  • 50+ behavioral interventions (including de-escalation, wellness checks, requesting police services)

We will be sharing our findings throughout the journey of our pilot program. Please help us by filling out our feedback form.

We Often Help With (% of Shifts)

  • 90%: Guidance on UTA Systems and Services
  • 65%: Fare and Payment Education
  • 65%: Transit App Education
  • 33%: Rider Rules Education
  • 20%: Lost & Found Assistance

How To Reach Us

envelope icon traxambassadors@rideuta.com

phone icon 801-RIDE-UTA (801-743-3882)

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