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Salt Lake Central Station 200 S & State St 100 S & N Campus Dr U. Of U. Medical Center Station 2100 S & 2100 E Jeremy Ranch Pnr Kimball Junction Transit Center
5:11AM 6:10AM 7:20AM 8:29AM 1:32PM 3:52PM 4:52PM 6:12PM
5:18AM 6:17AM 7:29AM 8:38AM 1:41PM 4:01PM 5:01PM 6:21PM
5:27AM 6:26AM 7:38AM 8:47AM 1:50PM 4:11PM 5:11PM 6:30PM
5:30AM 6:29AM 7:41AM 8:50AM 1:53PM 4:14PM 5:14PM 6:33PM
5:40AM 6:39AM 7:51AM 9:00AM 2:03PM 4:27PM 5:27PM 6:43PM
No Stop No Stop No Stop No Stop 2:26PM 4:52PM 5:52PM 7:06PM
6:05AM 7:04AM 8:17AM 9:26AM 2:32PM 4:58PM 5:58PM 7:12PM

Fares (Transfers to local buses, TRAX, & Streetcar)

One-way - Senior/Reduced One-way

Park City

All Ages Pass Information

One-way - Senior/Reduced One-way

The Park City one-way fare cash payment is good on Park City – SLC Connect bus service and includes a two-hour transfer to local buses, TRAX and Streetcar.


The Park City 30 Day Pass is good for unlimited travel on Park City – SLC Connect bus service, local buses and TRAX for 30 consecutive days from first use (tap on). This pass is an electronic fare card. This pass is available at select UTA Pass Sales Outlets and on this website.

? All Ages

4.50 - $2.25