As transit rapidly evolves, so does UTA

Ridesharing. Autonomous vehicles. Microtransit. Mobility-as-a-Service. Smart roads. Connected vehicles. Mobility-on-Demand. Public-Private Partnerships. Shared Use Mobility.

UTA has long been centered on traditional transit services, like fixed-route bus and rail service, however, UTA is adapting to the changing world. New services and technologies provide exciting opportunities to meet challenges that have long vexed both transit agencies and riders: Bridging the “first mile/last mile” gap, better serving communities with low population densities and meeting unique needs of underserved groups.

UTA has created the Office of Innovative Mobility Solutions (IMS) to address those challenges and pursue new services and technologies. IMS identifies opportunities and tests promising ideas that can improve transit service while increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With new transportation choices, from ride-hailing to autonomous vehicles, e-bikes to e-scooter, the way we get around is rapidly changing. The IMS office is dedicated to help shape this evolving transportation landscape for the riders and communities we serve.

The goals of IMS include:

  • Identify new and innovative opportunities for advancement in technologies and mobility solutions that add value to our communities.
  • Identify opportunities for public/private partnerships which provide support and/or funding for IMS goals and objectives.
  • Prioritize mobility solutions that are connected, autonomous, accessible, electric, and shared.

One of the ways to reach these goals is by Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

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