Want to save money and get to work quickly? FrontRunner, TRAX and buses are great ways to do just that. If they don’t work for your location or schedule, however, UTA offers another option – vanpool. UTA’s vanpool system allows you to share a ride with up to 14 other commuters, saving you gas money and allowing you to take advantage of the carpool lane. Authorized vanpool drivers can even use the van for up to 50 miles of personal driving each month.

Sound intriguing? Securing a place on one of UTA’s air-conditioned passenger vans is easy. First, click here to determine if an existing vanpool matches your commute or find seven to 15 others with similar commutes. Many companies also help facilitate or even subsidize vanpools, so be sure to ask your employer if they offer a vanpool.

Next, you’ll need to organize your vanpool. Assign at least two people to share driving responsibilities and find someone to act as a bookkeeper to track and report mileage. You’ll work together to decide other rules, such as where to meet and what to listen to during the drive.

Paying for your vanpool is simple and stress-free. Each rider pays a monthly fare based on the average miles per month you travel and the number of riders in your van. You can find pricing information here. Expenses like gas, insurance and maintenance are included in the fare. You can refuel the van by using a pre-paid UTA fuel card at partner gas stations.

Do you just need a ride between work and the nearest rail station or bus stop? Check out UTA’s RideVan Plus program. The program allows you to partner with coworkers and drive a UTA van from a bus stop or rail station to your place of business. To be eligible for RideVan Plus, you must have a minimum of seven riders to share your van and your workplace must be within 10 miles of a UTA bus stop or rail station, among other requirements. To learn more, visit http://www.utarideshare.com/uploads/RVP.pdf.

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