Utah Transit Authority just got a little more accessible with the debut of our Open Data Portal. Now riders, researchers, planners and the generally curious can view and download ridership data, stops, and routes with just a few clicks at www.rideuta.com/data — that’s over 6,000 lines of data!

UTA’s Open Data Portal has four main features:

1 – Crunch It
You can find average weekday ridership per month per route or per mode, going back to January 2017. Then you can download and apply to other to datasets.

2 – List It
You can view a full list of stops or routes by a specific city, county, zip code and then download that list!

3 – Visualize It
Via the Web Map Application, you can see routes, stops and service in one place. Also, here, you can highlight a specific area if you’re curious about service in an area that doesn’t fit neatly into zip code or city lines.

4 – Search It
Wherever you are in the data portal you can search. You can search by city, zip code, county, address, stop or line.

You can view these data online, or what is super cool, is you can download as an Excel file or to keep the data with its’ geographic elements you can download the .kml or .kmz file for Google Earth.
The UTA’s Open Data Portal provides a lot of data in an easy to use format all in one spot. This just one more step UTA is taking to increase transparency and accessibility to the organization and its services. In addition to Open Data, the public can attend or watch UTA’s weekly board meetings, you can find UTA employees participating in key planning discussions or find us at a community event or empowering future riders at your kid’s school.

There's More to Come

Our GIS lead, Planning Department and Analytics Department have plans to continue to expand data available in the portal. In the near future, plan to find our Bus Stop Master Plan and our Transit Propensity Index.

Take a moment to poke around, watch the help videos, or just zoom in on the stops near your house. If you have questions or feedback, send them along to us at opendata@rideuta.com.

Go ahead dive in, find your inner #TransitNerd.

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