Over the next couple of months we’ll be reminding our riders how use Utah Transit Authority’s services in a safe and courteous way because it’s important, and because we all can be a little forgetful sometimes.

Here’s a little refresher!

Top Five Rail Safety Tips

1.  Wait behind the yellow line.
The yellow line is there to create a safe buffer between the rider and powerful locomotives that are approaching the station.

2.  Use designated crossings to navigate near, on and around stations.
These are areas where our operators expect pedestrians. There’s a lot going on, especially at our central stations, please help us keep everyone safe by sticking to designated paths.

3.  Walk, don’t run on stations platforms.
To be safe and courteous to other people please give yourself enough time to arrive.

4.  Don’t ride bikes, scooters or skateboards on station platforms.
It’s terrific that there are so many first-last mile solutions to getting around. Use them, just not on the platforms.

5.  Listen for announcements.
Announcements allow us to inform riders of changes in schedules, which platform trains are arriving and safety reminders.

Top Five Courtesy Tips

1.  Wait for riders to exit before entering.
This one is key! Step to the side of the doors to allow riders to exit. Others must leave first to make space for new riders.

2.  Give preference in seating to the elderly and disabled.
Take moment to look around to make sure that riders that really need a seat have one.

3.  Use only one seat so everyone can comfortably enjoy the ride.
It’s great that more people are taking transit. Help everyone enjoy the ride by putting your belongings in your lap or under your seat.

4.  Put pets in carriers.
Your animal companions are welcome on UTA but they must be in a carrier (unless it’s a service animal). Please adhere to this rule to make a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

5.  Keep your feet off seats.
We work hard to keep our buses and trains clean and tidy. You can help us too by keeping your feet off the seats.

We’ll be sharing more tips on our social media channels. You will also see more posted around stations. See if you can practice all of the tips and be a Rider Insider. Check out our How to Ride to get answers to your common questions and watch helpful videos on how to use UTA’s bus, TRAX and FrontRunner.

 Enjoy the ride!



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