On Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26 you can take a friend on the Utah Transit Authority system for free.

Make a New Rider

This is a great way to introduce someone you know to the benefits and ease of taking transit to get around. When you were new to transit, didn’t you wish you had someone to show you the ropes? Consider reaching out to roommate, co-worker, classmate, family member or friend and offer to show them how to ride.

Make a Friend

Consider buddy-ing up with someone buying a ticket at a TVM (ticket vending machine) or if you’re new try transit with a friend. Use this promotion as an excuse to reach out to someone and do TRAX and coffee, UVX and a treat, or FrontRunner and explore Ogden.

Make a Date

Transit is a great way to get out for date night. It allows for conversation and random adventures in ways traveling via car cannot, plus you get reduced stress of not having to deal with parking. Use transit to inspire your date night on Friday, October 25 or Saturday, October 26.  To help you plan and discover attractions, restaurants, music and other events along our services, see rideuta.com/anywhere.

Lastly, the Fine Print

If you have any of the following, you can bring one other person for free on October 25 and 26:
•    UTA FAREPAY card
•    Eco Pass
•    Ed Pass: transit pass through your school or university
•    Monthly Pass
•    Paper ticket from a ticket vending machine
•    UTA GoRide fare

This offer is good for these UTA services:
•    FrontRunner
•    TRAX
•    S-Line Street Car
•    Bus
•    Flex Routes
•    PC-SLC Connect
•    Note: ski bus and paratransit are excluded.

One ticket, two riders and an endless list of destinations. Discover how easy it is to beat traffic, save on parking and go out for a little fun on UTA TRAX, streetcar, FrontRunner or bus. Sushi, anyone?

If you have questions, we’re here! Feel free to reach out.

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