Updates on UTA Mask Requirements

The safety of our riders and employees has been UTA’s top priority since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As cases have increased in Utah recently, beginning July 1, 2020, Utah Transit Authority will require all riders and employees to wear face coverings while on the system until further notice. This is in compliance with the Salt Lake County Health Order issued on June 26, 2020 requiring face coverings to be worn in public spaces. The following information is provided to help answer questions you may have about this requirement:

How will the face covering requirement be enforced?

UTA will be enforcing the mask or face covering requirement with information and education, and will offer a mask to riders who don’t have one. It is not our intention to refuse service.

Are there any exceptions to the requirement?

Similar to the Salt Lake County Health Order, children under 2 and those who have a medical condition that prevents them from being able to wear a mask are exempt from the requirement.

How will this requirement be communicated to everyone?

Signs will be posted on all transit vehicles as soon as possible, and overhead announcements will also advise riders of the requirement to wear a mask or face covering.

How can I get a face covering if I don’t already have one?

A face covering may include a bandana or any material that covers the mouth and nose. UTA is providing face masks for riders who need them. Masks are available for pick up at UTA Customer Service locations. You can also call Customer Service at 801-RIDE-UTA and we will mail you a mask.

Additionally, mask distribution will soon be available to riders on transit vehicles and UTA is planning several mask giveaways to riders at stops and platforms in the coming days and weeks. Those dates and times will be communicated shortly.

Additional Questions

We will be working to ensure that everyone has the information that they need to safely and responsibly ride. Visit www.ridetua.com/health for the latest information about how UTA is responding to COVID-19 or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You may also contact us at 801-RIDE-UTA with any questions you may still have. We care deeply about your health and safety while riding the system, and we will continue to monitor the situation in order to respond with your well-being in mind.

Stay, stay healthy, and please know that we are in your corner during this challenging time.

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