Over the past year or so, UTA’s Fares Department has been diligently grooming over our fare structure, fare products and fare media. After extensive analysis of how each proposed change would affect riders and after getting input from the public, we are proud to roll out UTA’s new simplified and consistent fare structure that goes into effect December 1.

We’re all about that base.

Everything is based off of our base fare. The base fare is currently $2.50 and that isn’t changing. From there we base the price for other fares and passes based on a multiplier, which provides more consistency. For example, now the Express Bus, SLC-Park City Connect, Ski Bus and the Day Pass are combined into the premium service category and priced at two times the base fare. They’re $5.00. (Easy math. Yay!)

It Was an Episode of Hoarders

Believe it or not, we have not made changes to our fares since 2013. With increased services and a growing service area, our fare product list grew too. It was time to take a closer look at things. Worth repeating, after extensive analysis and rider feedback, we were able to reduce our number of fare products.

Other Notables

Discounted Fares – Now all of our passes for special groups are discounted the same. Our Youth, Horizon and Senior passes are now ALL discounted 50%. The FAREPAY discount  currently 20% on rail and 40% on bus will be a 20% discount on all services.  

Tokens – Yep. There are going away. We will continue to accept them as valid fare payment and exchange them for other fare until August 7, 2021.

Pairing Things Down – Park City 30-day pass, Flex Route Deviation Punch Pass, and Monthly passes sold at Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) will be eliminated beginning December 1, 2020. Again, making things more simplified.


With these changes, some fares will slightly increase, while others will slightly decrease. We hope our regular riders and new ones will find this new fare structure more welcoming and easier to find what works for them and get to riding.

If you’d like more information see rideuta.com/farechanges or contact Customer Service at (801)743-3882 or at rideuta@rideuta.com.

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