Back in June 2020 we launched a new tool for our riders called Service Alerts. How it works: visit the sign-up page, choose if you want email or text alerts, select what routes you want to stay informed about and we’ll send you messages about delays, detours and any major service disruptions.

If you want more details about Service Alerts, see our June blog: "Get Service Alerts Delivered to Your Phone".

We’re kicking off a new campaign to make sure you know about this helpful tool because you know what? Stuff happens.

What kind of stuff, you ask? Well let’s review.

Here’s just a few of things we might tell you about via Service Alerts:

Delays - There are times when FrontRunner or TRAX cannot proceed due to mechanical issues and therefore cause delays. Check out “Why Delays Happen” for more on this topic.

Detours -  Our buses run through urban and suburban communities throughout six counties. There’s a lot going on. For example:

  • Utility Work - There may be a water line break or repair, cable or electrical work.

  • Construction - So much construction. (If you haven’t heard Utah is one the fastest growing states in the country.)

  • Accidents or Police Activity - There may be an accident or other police activity that require a bus to detour or rail to not service a station.

  • Events - Remember events? Things like the Salt Lake City marathon or (Something Utah County) often require UTA buses to go off route.

  • Weather - Severe elements like wind, snow or ice can sometimes pose challenges for both rail and buses.

Keep in mind, unlike San Francisco’s BART or much of the east coast rail, all our modes are fully integrated into ground-level urban environments that are becoming increasingly more populated. As hard as we work to keep things running smoothly, occasionally there will be a car stuck on rail at a TRAX crossing or a road closed due to a new water line be installed, but when that happens  we’ll let you know.

Since June our awesome Customer Communications team has sent over 1,300 alerts. Get in the know and sign up today at

Enjoy the ride (a little more now)! 


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