Ski Bus service kicked off this season over the Thanksgiving weekend. In the Cottonwood Canyons, we have faced congestion, accidents, and avalanche control. But despite those challenges, UTA ski buses moved over 121,300 riders since November.

Heading into the holiday weekend we wanted to give you a few reminders on how best to use the Ski Bus.

1 - Start your trip a little further down the line.

Once a bus is full, it’s full. You may have had the frustrating experience of waiting in line to have a full bus pass you by. For that reason, we encourage you to start your ski bus trip further down the line. For trips into the Cottonwood Canyons consider using these two park and ride lots and catching your bus there.

Route 953 - Midvale to Snowbird/Alta and Route 972 - Midvale to Solitude/Brighton
Midvale Ft Union Station, 7250 South 180 West
Route 994 - Sandy to Snowbird/Alta
Historic Sandy Station, 9000 South 165 East

2 – Embrace the off hours.

It can be a night and day experience of traveling on a Saturday powder day versus an average weekday. We get reports from riders that have the whole bus to themselves on Tuesday midday. If you can swing it, you will likely have a much more enjoyable journey if you can ride during off hours: Tuesday through Thursday, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

3 – Use UTA GoRide to pay.

If you or someone you’re traveling with needs to get a ticket on the fly use UTA GoRide. This app makes it super easy to purchase your ticket for both trips, up and down, in advance. Make sure it’s on your phone and set it up before your next Ski Bus trip or any UTA trip for that matter.

Also, extend some Utah hospitality to our friends visiting from out of state by suggesting the UTA GoRide to others waiting in the queue that may be new to using our services.

Most importantly, wear your mask and social distance while in you’re waiting, riding and exiting the bus. These are simple ways to keep yourself and others safe while using transit.

Keep in mind, we are using all of our available resources, communicating with riders with Service Alerts, Twitter, and Transit, and staying in frequent communication and coordination with resorts and UDOT. In other words, we’re working hard to get you safely and reliably to the slopes. Your patience, cooperation and occasion praise are greatly appreciated.

For more on what’s different this year and how best to use the Ski Bus see Ski Bus: Things are a Little Different.

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