The Utah Transit Authority and partners are excited to begin construction for the new Ogden/Weber State University Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). The 5.3 mile fixed-guide way will run from the Ogden FrontRunner Station, through downtown Ogden, down 25th Street to Harrison Blvd., through the WSU campus and to McKay-Dee Hospital. 
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) combines the capacity and speed of light rail with the lower-cost construction of an integrated bus system. Like rail it has a fixed route, more robust stations, and regular, more frequent schedule. 
Once complete, Ogden BRT (formerly route 603) will provide riders a clean-air ride in an electric bus aided by a section dedicated bus lanes and buses will stay on schedule with the help of signal priority at traffic lights (thanks, UDOT). Buses will arrive at stations every 10-15 minutes on weekdays and 15-30 minutes on weekends. The project will benefit the community by reducing vehicle trips, supporting the economy, and providing transportation choices.
If you’d like to get a feel for how all this works, try Utah Valley Express (UVX) from Orem to Provo.
The Ogden BRT line is planning to be operational by late 2023. To accelerate the schedule, multiple segments of the project will be under construction simultaneously. Work on Washington and Harrison Boulevards will be phased to keep traffic moving on these busy state roads. Major construction on the WSU campus will be scheduled during the summer break to minimize the disruption to students and classes and BRT station construction will also be phased to minimize disruption to the public.
More good news, we have received a three-year federal grant to subsidize the cost to ride the new BRT line, same as UVX. This means that all riders will be able to ride for free for three years! Of course after the grant expires, Weber State University students will be able to continue to ride for free with their EDpass.

Stay Up To Date

Do you live or work along the Ogden BRT route? We encourage you follow the project’s Facebook page at @OgdenBRT or sign up to get email updates to stay informed about construction impacts.
If you have questions, please contact the Ogden BRT team at 385-287-6647 or or learn more at the project page at


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