With the low transmission rates and increased vaccinations many of us are beginning to do activities that we haven’t done in over a year. Perhaps you’ve continued ride but if you fall in the half of our ridership that took a break during the pandemic, we hope taking transit is on your list of things to start doing again.

Since it’s been a minute we’re rolling out a campaign this summer to make sure that you have the info you need to get the most out of using UTA services and even better, that you enjoy the ride.

Getting back on transit is as easy as PLAN. PAY. RIDE.


Transit is UTA’s preferred trip planning app. But the thing about Transit is it offers so much more than “trip planning.” Here’s a few more things Transit can you do for you:

  • Give you step by step, GPS-trigggerd trip instructions via its Go feature.
  • Show you all the routes near you.
  • Tell you where your bus or train is.
  • Provide you first-last mile options by displaying trip info for bike, scooter and UTA on Demand by Via.
  • Allow you to opt into route-specific push notification.
  • Notify you when it’s time to get off a bus or train

Take moment to watch this 90-second Transit overview.

Add Transit to your phone today!

Part of planning is being “in the know.”
If you’d like another option for staying informed about delays, detours and disruptions to UTA services, make sure to signup for Service Alerts delivered by email or text. This option can be helpful if you don’t have a smartphone or if you just prefer text messages over app notifications.

Whether you choose the classic Twitter, multi-function Transit, easy email or concise text, we will make sure you have information you need to complete your UTA trip.


UTA really does have a fare option to meet everyone’s needs and situation. Just to name a few:

  • We have 50%-discounted passes for youth, seniors, persons with disabilities and those with lower incomes.
  • We have our pay-as-go 20%-discounted FAREPAY card.
  • We have Educational and Employer Pass programs.

You can learn more about our many fare options at rideuta.com/fares or feel free to call our Customer Service team and they can help you find the right one for you.

Whatever option you choose make sure you have the UTA Go-Ride app set up on your phone. It’s super handy when you need a fare on the fly or you have friends visiting, you can purchase a fare for them with just a few clicks.


You have your trip planed, you have paid your fare and now you are ready to ride. Here’s a few tips and reminders about riding UTA.

  • You still need to wear a mask. As a public transit service, UTA employees and riders are still required to where masks while riding and waiting to board our services.
  • You’ll be outside, so be prepared. Make sure you’re ready for Utah’s intense sun, unexpected rain or random wind.
  • Show up to board at least five minutes before your scheduled departure time.
  • Be courteous. Let folks de-board first, keep your feet off the seats, and use your ear buds, headphones, etc.
  • If you’re still not feeling super confident about riding, then check out a few of our “How To Ride” videos:

Here’s a few ways to enjoy the ride.

  • Stock your device full of your favorite playlists, audio books and podcasts.
  • Remember you’re doing your part to curb your greenhouse emissions.
  • Stay connected to your transit by following UTA on social and signup for Rider Insider.

We’ll keep sharing info to help you ride.

Every Tuesday this summer we’ll share a tip for using transit on UTA’s Instagram (@RideUTA #TransitTipTuesday). Make sure to follow us there for an opportunity to win stuff.

Share your tip!
If you have a tip on how to plan, pay, ride or even enjoy using UTA services, then send us your 30-second video. If we use your video tip, we’ll send you out a Super Sweet Surprise Swag bag. Share your video with us via this short form.

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