If you’re a veteran rider you likely know about Change Day, but if you’re newer to UTA, you may be like “What?!”

Basically, three times a year (December, April, and August) we adjust our service with the goal of removing inefficiencies and adapting to the current moment (new use patterns, new destinations, new services). And of course, two of the Change Days correspond to Ski Bus service coming online in December and then finishing in April.

Here’s the quick overview of what’s slated for this upcoming Change Day — December 12, 2021.

Ski Bus Service Starts

We have seven routes that provide service to resorts in Weber, Salt Lake and Utah Counties. These routes go into action on December 11th for Snowbasin and Powder Mountain, December 12th for the four Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon resorts, and December 18th for Sundance Ski Resort. Though our buses get stuck in the same traffic as your car does, they are a wonderful alternative to finding a parking spot or dealing with potential accidents. They are safe, they allow for ease (you can space out) and you exercise your environmental values. You can learn more about UTA’s Ski Bus service at rideuta.com/ski.

TRAX Sunday Service Hours Extended

We are extending our service hours on Sundays for TRAX, generally providing an additional two to three hours of service. This is especially helpful for our airport travelers, where the Airport Station last train is moving from 8:08 p.m. to 11:37 p.m. on Sundays. Check TRAX schedules for your individual trip at rideuta.com/trax or use Transit to plan your trip.

New Service coming online December 13th!

The day after our official Change Day, we welcome UTA On Demand - SLC Westside into the family of services we offer. This is an extension of our already successful UTA On Demand service in southern Salt Lake County. Like our mircrotransit service to the south, this will serve defined geographic area and have its own service hours. Operating seven days a week it will help connect Glendale, Rosepark, Fairpark, and Poplar Grove residents to shops, bus stops, TRAX and FrontRunner stations.

There are of course a handful of other adjustments. Take a moment to check your routes at the official Change Day page.

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