We are providing free Transit Royale subscriptions to all our riders. Our partnership with Transit has given our customers a reliable app for riding our system, and we are excited to continue our collaboration. Our riders will also have access to Royale when they travel to other cities.  


** If you haven’t used Transit yet, download it now at transitapp.com/download. **,


What’s included in Royale? 

Royale unlocks special features and customization options in Transit, such as... 

  • Special app themes and icons, inspired by transit systems around the world. Special app themes are available to all Royale subscribers. 
  • Custom app theme and icon for UTA. Our riders have exclusive access to an app icon of our transit agency's logo, and the app colours can also be set to match our branding  
  • A custom avatar and nickname in the app. A user's avatar and nickname appear on the leaderboard for GO, Transit’s popular crowdsourcing feature. Riders can show their avatar and nickname publicly while riding with GO or can hide their avatar and nickname by using incognito mode. 
  • GO leaderboards. Use your custom avatar to compete against other riders on your line. When you use Transit’s GO crowdsourcing feature, you win points based on how many people you’ve helped. Help the most riders for the ultimate bragging rights: being crowned #1 on your bus line! 
  • Additional icons to choose from when saving locations such as home, work, or school. These icons share a design that matches the medieval monarch theme of Royale. 

Do riders have to upgrade to Royale? 

We highly recommend it! If you don’t claim your free upgrade to Royale, some previous capabilities, like looking up departure times far into the future or browsing lines farther away, will be exclusive to Transit Royale. 


How do I access the upgrade? 

Starting March 2, 2022, you will see a screen informing you that we have upgraded you to Transit Royale. From there, simply tap to redeem your free subscription. You can also scroll through the list of routes on the Main Screen. When you see the crown, tap to claim your free Royale subscription.


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